Our Government Can’t Handle the Truth


How much does the average American truly know about the actions of our government?  Our sources are few, we have only the major news networks to inform us.  So what are the chances that these networks give us accurate and complete information?  The answer is ‘slim,’ and ‘none.’  Our government can’t handle the truth.

Today Bradley Manning, who leaked the truth about military action after our invasion of Iran, was acquitted of the most serious charge he faced.  The charge of ‘aiding the enemy’ did not stand.  And, it was the correct decision by the court.  He was found guilty on 20 other charges, and may serve for a long time in a federal prison.  And that may be justice.

All federal employees take an oath not to reveal certain information when they are given a position.  Manning, as did every other person who is or was employed by the United States, knew the consequences of their failure to abide by that oath.  But Manning should also be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize.  His revelations most likely had an effect on the ending of the occupation of Iraq by U.S. forces.

Then there’s the situation of a Mr. Edward Snowden.  He exposed our government’s violation of the 1st and 4th amendments to our Constitution.  Our government, which exists because of secrecy, calls him a traitor.  I call him a good citizen.  He simply told the truth.

Our President, Congressmen, and Senators keep secrets from the people of the United States.  The number of hidden actions by our government tally in the thousands.  The questions are; why, who are they working for, and what are they afraid of?

If the answers were given in an honest fashion, many of those in office would be forced to seek ‘real jobs.’

The ‘why’ is an answer hidden in its simplicity.  They are afraid of the truth.  If the American people were to read every bill that passes through congress, and were aware of the additional items that were attached to them, voters would continuously be demanding recalls.

‘Who are they working for?’  They most certainly are not working for their constituents.  They are not involved with the betterment of our nation.  They are working for anyone who is willing to add copious amounts of money to their campaign funds.

When serving your country became a ‘career,’ the voting public became the losers.

I can think of only two ‘careers’ which guarantee a man or woman fame and an enormous income.  They most interesting fact about that is that they are virtually one and the same.  They are ‘professional politician,’ and ‘television evangelist.’

They both make promises that cannot be kept.  They both rely on donations to insure they remain wealthy, and they both control their followers through lies and misdirection.

Lastly, what are they afraid of?  They are afraid that if the purpose of their actions; if many of the proposals and actions they have engineered; if the ambitions that drive them were exposed, not even a Republican could guarantee that he would be elected in the reddest of states.

So, who is to blame for such a corrupt government?  We all are.  We vote, but we vote along party lines or for emotional reasons.  We don’t vote for ‘what is right for the American people.’  We vote to allow some worthless politician, who works for us, (or is supposed to), to hold onto a job where doing nothing generates an enormous income.

Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden were fully aware of the consequences of their actions.  The fact is, they did the right thing.  Who in our country, besides them, would put their country first, and their personal lives in jeopardy?  If there are others, they most certainly do not work in Washington.

If all the whistleblowers were asked to explain the anger of our government towards them, they would all reply, ‘our government can’t handle the truth.’

Alfred James reporting


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