Pacific Rim is Here to Shake the Pacifist World


Pacific Rim is here to shake the world and pacifist humanity. Guillermo Del Toro inhabits the world of robots and monsters for his upcoming, big-budget Friday film release, Pacific Rim.  This summer movie is slated to thunder into theaters on July 12 and win many fans with its ruthless charm. With this enormous sci-fi spectacle, director Del Toro  – “Will never make a movie just to make a movie” – seems very confident.

Pacific Rim is set in the near future in which a shifting of tectonic plates has unlocked the portal to another world. Kaiju – the name and genre come from the strain of Japanese B-movie cinema – is sired by Toho’s original Godzilla. A solution is needed to pour through the rifts to save the coastal cities. To fight back, the military creates The Jaeger program, which entails the construction of 25-storey robots operated by two pilots who control the machine through psychic bond; it’s closest thing to live-action anime Hollywood has produced. Guillermo Del Toro hopes to shake the pacifist world in a turbulent way with his $180 million film Pacific Rim.

According to Del Toro, the man behind Pacific Rim, this movie is a glorious homage to Japanese pop culture he adored as a child in Guadalajara. “I really wanted to make a movie that had an incredibly airy and light feel”, Del Toro said, “This is not a super-brooding, super-dark, cynical Summer movie. I wanted very much to do a movie that is aiming for a young audience. Adults can be entertained by the big, beautiful, sophisticated visuals and action and all that, but my real hope is that this movie allows for a new generation of Kaiju and robot kids that fall in love with giant monsters”.

Legions of gargantuan alien creatures, called Kaiju, emerge from the Pacific Ocean and wreak havoc on coastal areas from Alaska to Australia. Countries bordering the Pacific band together and devise a method of fighting by arming massive robots, called Jaegers, whose movements are controlled by pairs of closely synced pilots.

After 2006 fairytale movie Pan’s Labyrinth it’s seemingly the best come back movie for Del Toro and the man of many Spanish or Spanish-English movies, sees it a true ‘Shake’ for the pacifist world. For a portion of the 103 day shoot, Del Toro worked six day a weeks, acting as his own second unit director. In his words, “I wanted Pacific Rim to be on budget and on time because it was basically for me a big moment to show myself that I didn’t get rusty, I didn’t get complacent”. And, interestingly, Ron Perlman will feature as a human character in this movie after Cronos in 1993; all other Del Toro films have Perlman as a non-human.

While fanboys may be delighted, it will not hold the average spectator’s attention. Sequences sometimes feel akin to watching people play an intricate video game. And the film is hugely affected by Japanese pop culture.

So, The Mexican filmmaker, Del Toro, is pinning all his hopes to make a major comeback in Hollywood with sci-fi phenomenon robots vs monsters.  He is serene, thoughtful and loves to pepper his languages. The expectations of viewers soar high at this moment as they really want a shake-up, a tremor in this ever pacifist world with Pacific Rim.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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