Prostate Health Through Ancient Wisdom of Sexuality

Prostate Health Through Ancient Wisdom Practices of Sexuality
Humans are sexual beings, there is no doubt about it. It’s how each and everyone of us got here. Though religions and other social constraints try and limit or tarnish the expression of sexuality and it’s healthy embodiment in individuals – it remains an intimate part of our reality that perhaps needs deeper revelation. Prostate cancer as well as breast and ovarian cancer are greatly affecting our worldwide population. Could it have something to do with our sexual views? Do we embrace our sexuality in this culture? Or do we suppress, hide and criminalize it to such a degree that it cannot find it’s true meaning in our lives? Perhaps turning to ancient wisdom such as yoga, Ayurveda and tantra can offer some insight into prostate health and basic sexuality.

The prostate gland produces the fluid which carries the sperm in ejaculation. It surrounds the urethra, and if swollen, as happens in many aged men, it can increase the need for urination. Why does it swell? Some professionals, especially in the field of yoga, Ayurveda and tantra believe it is due to stagnancy in the gland – or lack of blood flow and stimulation. Certain herbs can help this blood flow as well as yogic techniques and massage.

Just with any organ, but immensely true with sexual organs, the way you ‘feel’ in your experiences has a direct and corresponding response in the organ carrying out the task most closely related or responsible for that emotion. This is now metaphysical science. Some call it the biology of belief. The liver, for example, whose responsibility it is to carry out toxins from the body -also takes care of emotional toxins. This is why it is thought that women, during or just before a menstrual cycle, will have a ‘mood swing’ or a burst of ‘negative’ or ‘toxic’ emotions. The liver, during this time of the month, is processing more hormones than at other times, giving the liver a larger work load. When this happens, those emotions that were being ‘stored’ in the liver, unprocessed, are now released into the bloodstream while the liver handles the hormones. Apparently as great as the liver is at its job, it can only do so much toxic clean-up at once. This is explained well in Candace Pert’s book Molecules of Emotion.  Pert is known as mother of a new field of science known as psychoneuroimmunology showing the core idea that:

…the surfaces of cells are lined with many specific “receptors” to which only specific molecules can attach themselves. These molecules, in turn, are messengers through which the body and mind, as well as our neurons, glands and immune cells, are all constantly sharing information.

These molecule ‘receptors’ connect to chemicals of emotion.  With this in mind, think about the negative emotional associations and beliefs about sexuality in this culture and how they could impact the organs of sexuality.  The prostate gland is hardly paid attention to in a man unless a ‘problem’ arises.  There is very little education as to its function and purpose, largely because the purpose has to do with pleasure.  What if we were to allow for pleasure to be a healing remedy rather than a taboo topic?  One can hardly make an ‘oo-ing’ and ‘aahh-ing’ sound about a delicious dessert in public without receiving a questionable glance.

We have become a people ashamed of our sexuality, except for the purpose of selling products or entertainment, and even then its slighted and ill portrayed.  Human sexuality is a beautiful thing, when looked at through the lenses of honor, respect and awe.  Everyone’s reproductive health could greatly benefit from a shift in perspective regarding sexuality.  It is a shame, that in order to find true ‘sexual healing’, as many men find they need with a prostate infection or inflammation, that they must resort to ‘secret tantric healers’ which would receive a bad name by most of society.  Thank goodness for those who have taken it upon themselves to practice healing arts not recognized by mainstream because they feel it in their gut and hearts to be right and necessary.

Female sexuality is in equal need of recognition and healing, as so much feminine energy is channeled into distasteful venues and degrading portraits in this culture.  No one really knows what true female beauty and pure ‘goddess’ sexuality is.  A distortion in belief could very well have contributed to the high numbers of reproductive cancers in this country.  People are ashamed of their bodies and what they feel inside them.

Yes, there are other health considerations that can help keep the prostate and other organs of reproduction healthy such as drinking plenty of water, avoiding excessive alcohol and coffee consumption, reducing stress and keeping dietary vigilance so as to take in moderate to high amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables.  These things are important, as is a healthy yoga or exercise program that allows not only for strength building, but deep relaxation as well.  Ayurveda recommends regular oil massage – either self-care or from another.  Yoga suggests deep breathing and pelvic movements.  Tantra would include practices such as the moolabandha lock -which focuses on repeated lifting/contraction of the pelvic floor alternated with relaxation and deep exhale.  Tantric theology would also suggest visualization techniques as well as prostate or vaginal massage.

Ancient wisdom combined with an elevated perspective on sexual health can alter the fate of the male prostate and all reproductive organs in today’s culture.   When we begin to embrace the beauty and miracle of our bodies as sources of life and creativity and stop focusing so much on the ‘erotic pleasure’ and ‘self-fulfillment’ there can be a great shift on the way a people experiences health and happiness.   This does not suggest that we stop feeling pleasure, but rather transform the experience to one with a greater vantage point, one that recognizes the whole person and not just the parts.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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