Protests Worldwide Told Monsanto Heck No, GMO



Biotech giant Monsanto is cancelling its plans to boost its sales of genetically modified seeds in Europe.  Protests worldwide told Monsanto, ‘heck no, GMO.’ (Monsanto was the creator of ‘agent orange.’)

Although the seed magnate has nine pending applications with the European Commission, the governing body of the European Union, they plan to withdraw eight of them.

The requests “have been going nowhere fast for several years,” said Brandon Mitchener, a spokesman for the St. Louis-based company’s European entity. “There’s no end in sight … due to political obstructionism.”

Europe has been resistant to transgenic crops, while the American government has basically given Monsanto ‘carte blanche.’

Europe’s position on genetically modified food has been long standing.  In May, more than two million people demonstrated against Monsanto and GMO, many of them were in Europe.  France, Germany, Austria, and Spain have banned genetically modified crops althgether.

Last September, in a study released from the University of Caen in France, results of GMO on rats was conclusive.  Rats which were fed NK603, a corn seed that was resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer, and mixed with water producing allowable levels in the United States, died much earlier than rats which were fed a standard diet.

The last large initiative against the agro-giant was launched last June.  It was a video campaign designed to bypass Monsanto’s media blackout on GMO foods.  The campaign was aimed at informing the public about the unrestrained use of pesticides the world over.

Typically the United States government, which is business friendly and lethargic about consumer safety, has levied few restrictions against the billion dollar company.

We cannot wait for government action which may come too late.  Consumers need to be counted and say heck no, GMO.

Alfred James reporting