Ryan Murphy Says Future of Glee Uncertain


Ryan Murphy Says Future of Glee Uncertain

Ryan Murphy, producer of the hit show Glee, says he is uncertain about what the Glee team will do for the future of the show. E! Online interviewed Murphy and he spoke at length about Cory Monteith and how the Glee cast and crew is coping with the star’s untimely death. Murphy explained that filming will be delayed for a week, and that two episodes for the upcoming season are tributes to the Beatles. Those two episodes had been completed before Montieth died and will air with a few small changes. The third episode, however, will be a tribute show to both Monteith and his character, Finn Hudson. After that episode wraps production, Glee will be on an extended hiatus while the entire team attempts to figure out what to do.

Murphy was very close to Monteith, and tried desperately to save his life, even performing an intervention at the corporate office regarding Monteith’s drug use. At that time, Monteith agreed to enter the rehab program, where he remained for a month. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, and he succumbed to his addiction, shocking his friends and family and leaving fans devastated.

Speaking about Lea Michele, Murphy said she has been “the leader in the situation,” and that she is the “strongest 26 year old” he has ever known. It has been Michele’s wish that the cast and crew be together as soon as possible to shoot the memorial episode. Michele is also giving a lot of input into the material for that episode and has provided Murphy with direction on what it should include. Murphy said Michele has shown tremendous strength and has handled herself with “decency and grace and privacy” while helping to make decisions.

Of the show’s future, Murphy says first they will deal with memorializing Monteith. During the hiatus they will attempt to heal and decide how the show will move forward. Previously, he said, the focus was on trying to help Monteith:

Our entire season was sort of at Cory’s bequest, keeping him busy and active and around people who were good influences. Now that is gone and that’s why after we shoot this third episode we’re going to go down for an extended hiatus, where we figure out the future of the show…

Murphy said that Michele is not considering abandoning her character nor the rest of the cast and crew, adding that she is concerned about everyone else who works on the set. While it seems clear that Michele’s wish is to continue working on Glee, Murphy mentioned several times during the interview that the team would need to “figure out the future” of the show, and that there had been talk of cancelling the series permanently. The decision to continue the show, at least until the hiatus, was Michele’s. Said Murphy, “…ultimately, everyone involved made the decision, ‘OK, what does Lea want to do, what would Lea feel comfortable doing?’ This is what she wants to do.”

Michele is definitely keen on continuing, and for now, fans will be able to view three episodes of Glee before the long hiatus. What happens after that remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: if any two people have the brilliance and talent to make Glee work, it’s Murphy and Michele. The uncertain future of Glee, and the fact that there will be just three episodes before the hiatus may leave fans feeling abandoned, but Murphy can take some comfort in knowing Gleeks are a loyal bunch.

By: Rebecca Savastio

Source: Today.com

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