San Diego is Suing Mayor Filner

San Diego is Suing Mayor Filner

The city council in San Diego is suing Mayor Filner. San Diego California council members voted to advance a lawsuit against the Mayor on Tuesday.

The unanimous vote came in anticipation of the mayor’s upcoming trial. Eight women have come forward and accused Mayor Bob Filner of sexual advances and former communications director Irene McCormack Jackson has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit. Ms. Jackson claimed that Filner asked her to work with her underwear off, made sexual comments and touched other women inappropriately. Mayor Filner has resisted calls for him to resign and has stated he will be undergoing a behavioral program.

It appears Mayor Filner has a temper as well as a fondness for the ladies. On August 20, 2007 while waiting on his luggage to arrive at Dulles International Airport Filner became upset that the process was taking so long. Becoming more incensed when asked to wait his turn in line to receive help, the Mayor tried to help himself by entering an employee’s only area. Repeated requests for the Filner to leave were ignored and finally airport police had to be called in. He was charged with assault and battery and pled to a lesser charge of trespassing.

As the Mayor is a city employee he is asking the people of San Diego to foot the bill for his upcoming trial. The lawsuit council voted on will be to recoup any legal fees due to the Mayors reported indiscretions. City Attorney Jan Goldsmith explained it this way. “This is part of due process. If Bob Filner engaged in unlawful conduct and the city is held liable, he will have to reimburse us every penny the city pays and its attorney fees.” Since San Diego is suing Mayor Filner they seem serious about getting their money back.

Bob Filner has had a long run in politics. He served as Congressman in the 50 and 51st districts in California from1993 to 2012. He was also chairman of the House Committee on veterans Affairs form2007 to 2011. Although Mayor Filner worked on veteran issues he did not serve due to a student deferment during the Vietnam War. Filner was also a staffer for US Senator Hubert Humphrey and Congressman Don Fraser, both of Minnesota.

Mayor Filner is not alone in his indiscretions while in office. Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is currently having problems of his own. The “king of sexting” can’t seem to stop contacting women other than his wife. Presidential candidate John Edwards was cheating on his wife while she was dying of cancer.

William Jefferson Clinton, former President of the United States, was sued for sexual harassment. He also had an affair with a White house intern named Monica Lewinsky while he served his term.

Some politicians have the opinion that they are above the law, and other peoples feelings do not matter. The ones that lie cheat steal and sexually harass women give all politicians a black eye. The public is losing faith in these people but they keep going.

Even though San Diego is suing Mayor Filner it appears he shows no sign of slowing down. And neither do the other “servants of the people.”

Written by Kevin Reid

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