Seeing the Energy of Food with Kirlian Photography (video)

The Amazing Energy of Food

Have you picked fruit or veggies right off the vine?  It’s a completely different experience than, say, opening a can of pears and seeing them fall out into a bowl, no?  Have you visited the local farmer’s market and been in awe at how the food just seems to radiate as compared to what you see on most grocery store produce racks?  Why is that?  Sure, there is the obvious freshness factor – but is there more to it than that?  Some say that uncooked, raw foods contain a higher ‘life-force’ energy and science has now documented this amazing truth as we can now ‘see’ the energy of food with the use of Kirlian photography.

Discovered almost by accident by Russian inventor, Semyon Kirlian in 1939,  he learned “when connected to a source of voltage, an object placed in contact with a photovoltaic plate will produce a corresponding image of that object on the plate. And the resulting image will also contain a visual display of the object’s electrical “aura,” of sorts, that both surrounds and emanating from it.”  This gave way to the theory that the more light or energy is emitted signifies more life or ‘aliveness’ in the food.  In the 1970’s at UCLA, a team of researchers including one man named Mitchell May, was able to reproduce the Kirlian effect in photographs showing us, visually, the amazing energy of foods.

Mitchell May began to delve deeper into the study of food energy using the Kirlian technology after he nearly died in an accident.  His meeting with popular healer Jack Gray, inspired a partnership as well as deep study into the body energy fields known to the Chinese as ‘Chi‘ (Qi) and Prana in the Ayurvedic/yogic tradition, which Kirlian photography captures. He began to notice the correlation between a person healing and the consumption of high energy foods.  Dr. Gabriel Cousens of the Tree of Life Center – where ‘live’ foods are the staple, used to heal people of various health conditions- says “Every plant has a specific energy pattern, just as does every human.”  He refers to the energy fields in life forms as Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs).

In my theory of nutrition, eating high life force foods such as organic and uncooked foods energizes our life force. Low life force foods, such as junk foods and foods grown with pesticides and herbicide soils, deplete our SOEFs of energy and move them toward disorganization.  It is through assimilating pure, highly organized energy patterns into our own energy fields that our own life force patterns are energized, revitalized and made more coherent…When our SOEFs are depleted of energy, they become more chaotic, and entropy, or aging, occurs. A coherent SOEF pattern creates more coherent RNA and DNA patterns. When our RNA and DNA energy structures are organized and energized, our cells divide properly and our organs function and heal efficiently. When these structures are disorganized, the cells do not divide properly. If the structures are sufficiently disorganized, the ultimate chaos, which we call cancer, may occur. One of the most effective and powerful ways I have found to help patients to bring their energy systems (SOEFs) back to a condition of coherency and vitality, thereby creating and supporting a high level of health and wellness, is to eat living superfoods of the highest quality.

We don’t all eat 100% raw, uncooked fresh foods, so – the suggestion is to eat as much fresh food as possible and incorporate superfoods into the diet like raw cacao (raw chocolate), goji berries, Maca root, blue-green algae, kale, Acai berry and bee pollen.  Superfoods require you eat very little of them to get maximum benefits and they all carry a high ‘voltage’ of life-energy.  Some great images using Kirlian photography appear on Sunfood’s website.

Foods eaten straight off the tree or the vine contain the highest vibration and most radiant energy, then it decreases as time goes by.  Those foods grown with pesticides and herbicides contain a lower life ‘pulse’ as the soil they are grown in is often depleted of vital nutrients.  Organic foods and superfoods are the best way to ensure you are receiving the most potent life force energy. Implementing practices such as steaming veggies verses frying them will ensure your food retains as much of the vital essences as possible when consumed.  Freezing foods as well as microwaving them also lowers and even often destroys the enzymes and therefore, the ‘life’ from the food completely.

If foods must be frozen or ‘nuked’ there are several ways to ‘re-instate’ the energy in the food.  Prayer and the speaking of positive words to your food, as was shown in the water study by Dr. Emoto, changes the structure of the food to reflect the positive ‘energy’ you are putting toward it.  This can be done with any food in order to change it’s chemical composition, reflecting a higher expression of health and ‘life.’ Positive words would also include the chanting of sound mantras, or simply toning harmonic notes – through the mouth or music.

Another thing you can do to ‘up’ the vibration is to use what is called a ‘zero-point frequency’ wand.  These are amazing tools which utilize a powerful new science that is still baffling may researchers.  These wands contain a type of etherium crystal inside which creates a zero-point field in the area of their direct use.  In zero-point, bodies, food and spaces return to their ‘natural’ healed, ‘whole’ manifestation.  Food, when tested before and after using this tool, show a greater output of energy than before.  People have experienced miraculous healings using this technology for various conditions, including chronic pains which have plagued them for many years.

Here’s a video all about Kirlian Photography and the amazing discoveries found through using it:

Food is an important part of life, so why not make choices which incorporate high energy foods which feed our bodies best, as being seen with the use of amazing Kirlian photography? Just the simple option of selecting organic over conventional can make all the difference as to how much energy and live enzymes are still available in the food.  So go and pick yourself some live fruit today and feel the difference!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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