Syria May be Obama’s Iran

Members of Ghuraba al-sham chant slogans and hold their weapons at Aleppo's district of al Sakhour

President Obama said that the ‘red line’ for United States involvement in the Syrian uprising would be the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime.  Without sufficient proof that there has been an occurrence of such an act, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said today that Obama is preparing to engage in military action in Syria.  Syria may be Obama’s Iran.

General Martin Dempsey told a Senate hearing Thursday that the President is deliberating what type of action might be taken in Syria.  He said that the administration was considering using “kinetic strikes” in Syria and said the “issue is under deliberation inside of our agencies of government,” the Associated Press reported from Washington.

The President has nominated Dempsey to serve a second term as the head of the Joint Chief of Staff.

Other nations of the world, some who are allies of the United States, have questioned the validity of reports that chemical weapons were used by Assad.  Some speculate that the rebels used the low-grade weapons.

Once again, our government is hiding something from the nation’s people.  Why would we want to get involved in another Arab conflict?  Those who have been inside the rebel organization claim that the majority of the fighting is being done by outside sources.  These reports are from investigators who did more than just meet with the rebel leaders, as did John McCain.

Those fighting against Assad are no better than the forces of the regime.  There are reports of disorganization, infighting, cruelty, and murders by dismemberment.  The rebels are Islamic extremists.  In cities they control, they are attempting to establish sharia law.

The government of the United States is not happy unless we are at war.  And they don’t learn their lessons.  The United States has lost every war since the Korean conflict.  Nothing positive has come from any military conflict waged by American forces.

The United States invaded Iran under false pretenses as our President fabricated the existence of ‘weapons of mass destruction.’  Would we be doing the same in Syria?

Once again there have been false promises of ‘no boots on the ground.’  But, read this statement by McCain’s twin brother, Senator Lindsey Graham.

“I don’t care what it takes,” Graham told Foreign Policy’s The Cable earlier this year. “If the choice is to send in troops to secure the weapons sites versus allowing chemical weapons to get in the hands of some of the most violent people in the world, I vote to cut this off before it becomes a problem.”

If the leaders of our government want to go to war again, I suggest they and their families fight it.  It’s easy for them to send our young men and women to a war zone and destroy many of them and their families while continuing to bankrupt the country.  Governments do not fight wars, innocent men and women fight wars.

America must cease its imperialistic ambitions.  We must leave the world alone, and let them decide what sort of government they wish to have.  We are not right in claiming that democracy is for everyone.  And we are not a shining example for the rest of the world.

No one wins a war, but many lose.  Those losses include lives, billions of dollars, and the respect of the world.  Terrorism primarily exists because of actions by the government of the United States.

If history repeats itself, and we invade another Islamic country, there is no doubt that another mistake will have been made by another president and his administration.  Syria may become Obama’s Iran.

Alfred James reporting



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