Teresa Heinz Kerry ‘Critical but Stable’ (Update)


2.bildTeresa Heinz Kerry was transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital Sunday night.  Her condition is described as ‘critical but stable.’

Ms. Heinz Kerry was stuck at the family’s vacation home on Nantucket, and rushed to the local hospital Sunday.  “Late Sunday afternoon, Mrs. Teresa Heinz Kerry was taken by ambulance to Nantucket Cottage Hospital, accompanied by her husband,” State Department Representative Glen Johnson said in a prepared statement. “Once doctors had stabilized her condition, she was transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, again accompanied by the Secretary.”

Johnson did not disclose any other medical information, but simply stated that the family is grateful for the prayers and good thoughts of the American people.

Friends, who were present when the 74 year old Ms. Heinz Kerry became ill, said she displayed “signs consistent with a seizure.”

Shortly after 5:30 p.m., Noah Brown, public information officer for Nantucket Cottage Hospital, confirmed in a brief phone interview that Heinz Kerry had arrived at the hospital that afternoon.

“She was brought in, in critical but stable condition, and that is currently how . . . . her condition still remains,” Brown said. “At this point, we are determining the next phase of her care, be that either in our facility on the island, or on the mainland.”

Ms. Heinz Kerry is a well-known philanthropist, and the wife of Secretary of State, John Kerry.  She is also a cancer survivor.

The family’s holiday on Nantucket was considered a much needed rest for the Secretary of State, whose schedule has been non-stop for weeks.  In typical political strategy, Republicans criticized him for being ‘on vacation’ when the military overthrew President Morsi in Egypt.

Ms. Heinz Kerry married Kerry in 1995, four years after her first husband, Republican Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania, died when the private plane he was aboard collided with a helicopter over Philadelphia.

Ms. Heinz Kerry was born in Mozambique.  She speaks five languages fluently, including her native Portuguese.  She moved to the United States as a young woman, and became an interpreter for the United Nations.

She is internationally experienced.  The Heinz Family Endowments are run by Ms. Heinz Kerry, and disperses funds for social and environmental causes around the world.

She worked with her husband during his presidential bid, securing votes in New Hampshire.  She has also partnered with him in his efforts to provide prescription drugs for low-income families in Massachusetts.

She has also co-authored a book with her husband, “This Moment on Earth: Today’s New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future.”

There is no word at present regarding the cause of Ms. Heinz Kerry’s ailment.  For now, she remains in ‘critical but stable’ condition.

Alfred James reporting


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