Texas Anti-Abortion Bill Passes


Despite thousands of protestors, Republicans in the Texas senate passed the most restrictive anti-abortion bill in the nation.

The law basically prevents legal abortions in Texas. Its main points are recognizing a 20 week old fetus as a viable human being, and restrictions governing the state’s abortion clinics, which will result in the closing of at least 36 of the 42 in the state.

The bill would have passed last month, but a nearly 13 hour filibuster by Democratic Senator Wendy Davis delayed passage of the legislation.

Texas will return to the dark ages, when women were forced to seek ‘back alley abortions.’ Texas Republicans blatantly lied to the women of Texas, claiming the law would ‘protect women’s health.’ The truth is that they found a way to circumvent legal abortion, and surrender to the religious right.

This sad event is another demonstration of Republican’s ‘war on women.’

The medical community opposed the bill, but fell on the ignorant ears of Republicans. Groups who stood against its passage included the Texas Medical Association, the Texas Hospital Association, and the American College of Obstretics and Gynecology. But, Republicans do not believe in science.

Texas’ Governor, Rick Perry, got his way. Ignoring more than half of the state’s voters, he vowed to call as many special sessions as needed to pass the bill and place women in an even lower position of importance in his state.

A comment by one Republican senator sums up the un-constitutional and immoral attitude of the religious right, who, if given the opportunity, would destroy the will of our forefathers and place our country in a single religious belief.

“I listen to the word of God in this issue,” said Republican Senator Dan Patrick. “Are we a nation who stands for a Judeo-Christian ethic, or are we not?”

If Patrick has ever read the Constitution, he would know we are not. Our founding fathers specifically wrote that the United States was not to be a nation dominated by a single religious belief. We are not an Islamic state, requiring everyone to have the same beliefs.

We are a country of Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodist, Jews, followers of Islam, Buddhists, and Mormons. We also allow persons such as atheists and agnostics to live their lives as they choose. To force religious beliefs on others makes an individual ‘anti-American.’

The Texas legislature has made its choice, and the consequences will come. Texas’ anti-abortion bill will continue to spike the ire of voters.

Alfred James reporting


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