The Walking Dead Celeb Comic Con Party

The Walking Dead Celeb Comic Con Party

The Walking Dead Celeb Comic Con Party

There’s not doubt that The Walking Dead was the favourite at the San Diego Comic Con this year. When the show’s panel drew a SRO crowd again on Friday, it became apparent that the show and its zombies were a real crowd pleaser. Of course on reason for all those extra fans could be because the comic books 10 anniversary. So why not have a party celebrating the anniversary and the return of The Walking Dead in October. So a “celeb” heavy party did occur very near the San Diego Convention Center, where Comic Con’s taking place and the zombies walked.

This years event was a natural follow on to last year’s party for the comic publishing it’s 100th issue during that year’s Comic Con. It made sense to have a “do” this year for the 10th anniversary. It was held in a parking lot in downtown San Diego.

Weezer provided music for the soiree and some of Hollywood’s finest decided to “trip the light fantastic” in honour of The Walking Dead’s 10 year anniversary. Among the many famous personalities spotted were Joss Whedon stable performers Nathan Fillion and Seth Green. Fillion’s Castle co-worker Molly Quinn was also spotted as well as Sean Astin, sans his hobbit feet.

But no party in aid of The Walking Dead would be complete without a small galaxy of “Dead” stars. The Governor, aka Brit actor David Morrissey was there, as well as Lauren Cohan and Danai Gurira plus the creator himself, Robert Kirkman.

Being a Walking Dead party, the walking dead were everywhere. Zombies in blood drenched clothes and makeup shambled amongst the guest and actually startled a few. Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman told reporters at the event that he was very impressed with the “party” zombies giving them an overall “zombie score” of, “a solid 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. It’s hard to get a 10.”

But Kirkman wasn’t the only one impressed with the “walking dead.” Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick said, “They look amazing. They do not drop the zombie character, so they are either really good actors or they are actual walking dead creatures.” So it sounds like The Walking Dead celeb Comic Con party provided a great opportunity for any “wannabe” zombies out there.

The man who designed the mingling dead’s makeup, Dan Gilbert, talked to EW on Saturday morning and spoke about getting the zombies ready for the party. Gilbert said that he crafted zombie looks inspired by Greg Nicotero and, “took a lot of liberties.” He explained to EW that the party zombies’ makeup was more rugged since they couldn’t take time to “touch-up” anything that got too worn or faded. He also said that he took a long time to get the bruising under the dead’s skin right.

So the impressive zombies shambled and staggered throughout the party all night. Once in awhile scarring the pants off some of the party goers. Gilbert said that he’d managed to scare one celeb party attendee so badly that they screamed and ran off!

The party, by all account was a real Walking Dead blast and it sounds like the celeb Comic Con attendees had a real ghoul time!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom