Top Apple Apps Free for Five Year Anniversary

Top Apple Apps Free for Five Year Anniversary

Apple is ringing in their five year apps anniversary by allowing the download of 10 popular apps for no cost to consumers. The apps include, Barefoot World Atlas, Day One, How to Cook Everything, Over and Traktor DJ. The playable games for download for free include, Badland, Infinity Blade II, Tiny Wings, Where’s My Water? and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP.

Opening the Apple app store by users on the iPhone, Mac and iPad will reveal a banner signifying “5 Years of the App Store.” Clicking the banner takes consumers through a history of milestones leading to the five year anniversary.

The initial launch of the iPhone took place back in 2008, urged by then CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs wanted engineers to focus on the aspect of touchscreens and connectivity to provider’s networks. Many may recall the initial battle from the agreement between Apple and AT&T for the launch. Class action suits listed an issue of anti-trust. The cases were closed after the courts agreed that AT&T’s standards were fair, early in 2011.

Upon the iPhone’s first entrance into the smartphone world, only 500 apps were available. Within the first weekend of release, over ten million downloads were completed from the available apps. Fast forward several years later, over 900,000 apps exist. In addition, downloads have reached 50 billion from the landmark release date in 2008.

Apple has converged on a market and dominated it with its ecology and non-wavering commitment to the iPhone line. Whereas manufacturers have offered variations of devices, such as HTC, Nokia and Samsung, it is Apple that remains a solid footprint.
In early June 2013, the first released iPhone became obsolete in sales. The tremendous impact from that first iPhone stemmed from the aspect of the touchscreen of the device. Back in 2007 and 2008 many phones were equipped with full physical keyboards.

In the current landscape of phones, a lionshare of the smartphones are touchscreen. This is in part due to the popularity of the iPhone. In the coming year, Apple is hinting at a release of the iPhone 6, something Apple fans are anxious to hear about. Many iPhone consumers were upset about the maps feature on the iPhone 5, a fix Apple eventually corrected.

Overall, Apple’s mark continues to make an impact in the apps industry. Google has been quick to follow. The Google Play Store has experienced over 48 billion downloads since its inception in March 2012. This is an incredible feat and one that shows the market share of connectivity. More consumers are turning to virtual purchases, rather than physical ones.

Written By: Angelina Bouc

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