Twinkies Arrive at Local Wal-Mart Stores

Twinkies Arrive at Local Wal-Mart Stores

Get prepared to fall into the enriched missed sweetness of Twinkies once more! Wal-Mart announced today the favored snack will be sold at 1,600 stores starting today. The rest of the shipments will arrive on Sunday for over 3,000 other locations.

The first of the Twinkies boxes will soon become a commemorative item, as Wal-Mart is creating a collectible box emblazoned with “First Batch.” For slightly under three dollars for a box of 10, consumers can now stock-up on the once popular lunchbox item.

Wal-Mart spokeswoman Veronica Marshall states the boxes are fresh and not frozen treats. Hostess Brands may be a bit at odds with the retailing giant, as it stated the official launch date for the Twinkies arrival in all stores was slated to be Monday.

Eyebrows raised with the earlier introduction by Wal-Mart, a bold move that suggests if favoritism was displayed. Hostess has settled those questions,

“Hostess has shipped product to every major retail customer across the country. … These shipments were coordinated to give everyone the same opportunity to display the product on July 15th,” Hostess said. “Hostess has not, and is not, giving any particular retailer exclusivity or preference to have products first.”

The path of the Twinkie journey has been riddled with many curves and turns. Late in 2012, the district of New York Bankruptcy Court ordered Hostess to liquidate when the company failed to compromise on exiting a years long bankruptcy process.

The liquidation placed the long-time brand of Twinkie into jeopardy, by eliminating 15,000 employees nationwide and shutting down all plants and bakeries in the United States. As Hostess sought to seek buyers, several investors perked up at the offer.

In March a deal was made with Apollo Global Management, and the Pabst Brewing Company’s owner Dean Metropoulos.  They purchased the ailing company for $410 million, making a promise to consumers to start producing Twinkies as quickly as possible.

That promise has come true, as the treats are now paving their way into retail stores before the start of the school season. To date, four bakeries have been reopened: Columbus, Georgia; Emporia, Kansas; Indianapolis; and Schiller Park, Illinois.

The biggest difference to the recipe of America’s favorite treat is the shelf-life, which was previously two weeks. The new owners announced the shelf life is now 45 days, savings consumers wasted product.

There is speculation of crowd control for the first batch of the savory, creme-filled snack. Earlier this year boxes of Ding-Dongs and Twinkies sold via online markets for upwards of hundreds of  dollars. The same concept of mania may show for the collectible first box introduction.

The big box giant has promised to abide and monitor crowd control by simplifying it with a plan,

“Wal-Mart plans to replenish its stock of Hostess Twinkies and other popular products consistently after July 14 to meet customer demand.”

Interestingly, it was the Walton’s that showed initial interest of buying Hostess, prior to Apollo and Metropoulos’ offer and acquisition. In addition, it is Wal-Mart that was Hostess’ largest retailer of the brand. The arrival of the Twinkies marks an exciting times for fans and consumers nationally, as they swarm to their local Wal-Marts this weekend.

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