Vladamir Putin to America: Stop Bugging Us!

Vladamir Putin to America: Stop Bugging Us!
Vladamir Putin was not budging in response to American demands to extradite NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden back to the United States. Europe as a whole has insisted that America should first stop bugging, first, before asking for any extradition. But, this lackluster statement is without merit, seeing as nation states are almost always expected to eavesdrop on each other.

Mr Snowden was free to leave for asylum elsewhere, Putin explained. He added: “Russia never gives up anyone to anybody, and is not planning to. And nobody ever gave anyone up to us”; a statement being directly targeted at the United States. Two old archenemies, now frenemies, are very aware that the cold war tactics of spying and snooping have never ceased to be a common and mundane part of international relations.

However, Russia was not so quick to buy into the Obama administrations ploy to make Russia appear unwilling to cooperate in international diplomacy with other nations.. Mr Putin said he {Snowden} would have to stop leaking information before any asylum would be granted. “He should stop his work aimed at inflicting damage on our American partners,” reports the Independent. However phony the statement may be, Snowden is not in safe hands in Moscow. Vladamir Putin and Russia are no stranger to bugging America, does anyone remember Julius and Ethel Rosenburg?

Putin’s contradictory comments allowed for the politician to free himself from contaminating US-Russian relations with his ever vacillating verbiage. It provided him with an air of friendliness towards the West.

The opinion of the European Union is, likewise, in step with Russia. French President FrançoisHollande threatened to call off EU negotiations on a major trade deal unless the snooping stopped. resident Hollande has raised the stakes in the bugging row by leading a chorus of protests from France following revelations that its UN mission, and Washington embassy, had been bugged by US intelligence.

“We cannot accept this kind of behaviour between partners and allies,” he said. “No negotiations or transactions can be held in all areas until we have these guarantees [that the eavesdropping will stop],” he said.”That goes for France and for the whole of the European Union, and for all America’s partners.”

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman issued a harsh reaction, describing the covert operations as worthy of the Cold War. “Eavesdropping on friends is unacceptable.”

But, we are not friends. The European nations themselves are barely on amicable terms after a slew of austerity measured passed down by the European Central Bank. They don’t trust each other, never have, never will. So, it’s no surprise that the United States would feel equally suspicious of an ever-growing Germany and a tired France.

When this act is over, most skeptics are well aware that bugging is a natural part of the nation states ecosystem and does not cause ill will between nations: there is already ill will between nations such as America and Russia, despite all the rhetoric and happy grandstanding. Vladamir Putin is cognizant of this drama and so is the Obama administration.

Source: The Independent