Weiner’s Campaign Falling Apart?


Is Anthony Weiner’s campaign falling apart? It has been confirmed that Weiner’s campaign manager 30 year old Danny Kedem has quit. Kedem was a field organizer for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.  After the latest round of scandal information it is no wonder that Weiner is losing supporters. Current polling shows that 43% of democratic primary voters believe that Weiner should quit the race while 47% believe he should continue his bid for mayor. Wiener’s wife HumaAbedin, who has worked for  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has stood by him during this latest scandal.

Weiner has admitted to sexting with three women after he resigned from congress in 2011 over another sexting scandal in which he sent inappropriate pictures to women. Mr. Weiner has said he has no problem hiring government employees with similar behavior issues. “People have their personal lives. If it is unconnected to their professional duties, of course, I’m not going to judge someone’s personal life.” Some people do not agree and wonder is Weiner’s campaign falling apart?

When asked about his ability to morally run the city Weiner replied “I want to let other people make the decision for themselves.” Mr. Weiner said he thinks that people’s personal lives should not affect their ability to perform their jobs in public service.

Opponents as well as Democratic leaders have called for Weiner to pull out of the race. From Nancy Pelosi to Debbie Wasserman Schultz the calls to quit keep coming in. But Weiner is holding fast, insisting he still has a viable chance to win. Opponent Christine Quinn says Weiner displays “a pattern of reckless behavior, an inability to tell the truth and a real lack of maturity.” Quinn went on with her remarks by saying not only is Weiner unqualified to be mayor but he was unqualified to be in congress.

Sex and scandals in politics are not a new phenomenon. At least back as far as Thomas Jefferson politicians have had indiscretions. John F Kennedy Was said to have relations with starlets. Ted Kennedy had problems of his own. The senator drove off of a bridge in 1969. Passenger Mary Jo Kopechne drowned in the crash. Kennedy did not report the incident for a full nine hours and only then after calling friends for advice and hearing the car with Mary Jo’s body still inside had been found by local police. He was eventually charged with leaving the scene of an accident and given a suspended sentence.

In more recent years even the White House has extramarital affairs come to light. President Bill Clinton had a relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. The President was charged with obstruction and perjury. The US House of Representatives impeached President Clinton however he was acquitted of all charges by the US senate after a 21 day trial in which the world was able to hear all of the details of the affair. Much like Weiner’s wife, Hillary Clinton stood by her man.

Ask yourself is Anthony Weiner’s campaign falling apart? The answer depends on answering this question. Do you think that a politician’s personal life and moral compass influences their ability to do the job they were elected to?  That’s where the real answer lies.

Written by Kevin Reid

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