Woman’s Last Moments with Husband on a Crosswalk Before Being Struck By School Bus

Pedestrian is Hit by School Bus

Portland, ORE – A woman, by the name of Renee Jean Bates, spent her last moments today with her husband on a crosswalk before being struck by a school bus and leaving her body for the next realm.  Most of us did not know her, some of us did.  She was only 41 years old and resided in SE Portland with her husband Shawn Dale Bates before she was hit by the  bus this afternoon, dying after sustaining life-threatening injuries.  Her husband, and life partner 41 year old Shawn Dale Bates, was also hit by the bus but did not require any medical attention, instead he got to be with his wife when she passed from this life.  The crash took place at Southeast 148th Avenue and Division Street in Portland where East Precinct police officers responded to the report  of “a pedestrian struck by a bus” at approximately 1:08 pm this afternoon, July the 9th, 2013 – a day Shawn Bates will not so soon forget.

All reports indicate that the two pedestrians were walking in the crosswalk eastbound from the NW corner of the intersection when the school bus ran into them in the right-turn only lane.  Remember the last time you walked with a friend, lover or family member through a cross walk?  Today, that simple gesture proved to be the final moments of ‘connection’ between two people who had committed their lives together.

Officers and medical personnel arrived and located the female adult victim suffering from traumatic injuries to help her. She was immediately transported to a Portland hospital for treatment, though it seemed too late.

Can you imagine being that bus driver today?  You thought you were just finishing up your normal route, just two kiddos left to get home…The school bus belongs to the West Linn School District and the two children who witnessed the accident were not injured, but were they traumatized?  Will they ever forget this day?  The driver, 55-year-old Billie Jean Neel of Gladstone, remained at the scene and has fully cooperated with investigators. Neel was not impaired at the time of the crash – but is Billie gonna be okay?  How would you feel?

The crash is still under investigation and no citations have been issued at this time.   This is not just a news report with a stale flavor and no identities with personalities and hearts.  This is a heart-breaking story today of five individuals meeting fate in very different ways, ways that will likely affect the rest of their lives…at least those that are still here.  As for Renee Bates, wherever she is now – may her soul be at peace and may her family find comfort as they move through grief and release.

Reported by: Stasia Bliss

Source: Portland Police Bureau Press Release

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