World News Today has New Command Center: GWire

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Guardian Express launches GWire – a new command center for today’s world news. GWire – standing for Guardian Express World Intelligence Report and Editorial – is a brand new section, dedicated to developing stories from around the globe. Articles in this section relate to security, intelligence, global terrorism and geopolitics. This is ground-zero for up-to-date facts and objective analysis – not opinion.

GWire will be updated each Friday with a Focus story and, initially, one article from North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The Focus story will follow a major, developing world event. Currently, the GWire Focus is the ongoing struggle for power in Syria; the outcome of which will have major implications for the region, US-Russia relations, the global fight against Islamist extremism and the ongoing battle for hegemony within the Muslim world, being contested by the Sunni and Shiite traditions of Islam.

The Focus will change as new events develop across the globe, although GWire will continue to bring you updates on those issues that are no longer featured as the Focus story.

As Guardian Express continues to expand its scope and build upon its growing reputation as a Boldly Inclusive media outlet, GWire represents another new dimension to its offering; a section devoted to informing those who demand a serious and comprehensive review of world events.

The entire population of the planet is, for better or worse, increasing affected by events that may be unfolding tens of thousands of miles away. Global energy and commodities markets, international banking, trade agreements, political and military alliances, worldwide communications networks and multinational corporations are the elements driving global civilization. Some nations strive to maintain their sovereignty, even as others willingly surrender theirs; long-established countries are torn apart by revolution, economic disparity, ethnic friction or religious rivalry – sometimes, giving birth to new nations. Like tossing a pebble into the proverbial pond, the ripples of world events affect all of us: Sometimes, with the slightest of ripples and, sometimes, with the force of a Tsunami.

For the reader who understands how events across the globe touch all our lives, world news, today, has a new command center at GWire, from Guardian Express; Boldly Inclusive.

Graham J Noble
Chief Senior Editor, World News, Sports & Politics

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