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Saradesi Satva Yoga- The yoga of eternal youth

Youth Realized through Simple practice
How many different ways has humanity explored in order to uncover the legendary ‘fountain of youth?’ From mystical spring waters to various inner techniques, foods and supplements, it seems the quest for eternal youth is never-ending by those who live a mortal existence, which right now seems to be everybody. What if this sought after ‘fountain of  youth’ could be realized by all through nothing more than a series of simple yoga practices done to a certain type of music? Would you try it?

Yoga is all the rage today and boasts health benefits from lowering stress and healing bodily injuries to centering the mind and elevating consciousness, but what about youth? Many people who practice yoga for years and decades often look much younger than their age. It’s hard to know if the yoga they are engaged in is what is keeping them so youthful or if they were just born ‘with the right genes.’ Some say, the ‘eternal age’ is 29 and often women joke as they pass this ‘marker year’ that they continue to have birthdays which render them this mystical age again and again. But what if you could return to the look you had at 29 – or retain that same vibrancy as you ‘got older?’  According to world mystic, author and teacher Almine, the yoga known as Saradesi Satva Yoga – or the ‘yoga of eternal youth’ can help you do just that.

What is Saradesi Satva Yoga?

This yoga is said to originate from a body of yogas which apparently proceeded all the yoga that is currently known – and is called Devi Satva Yoga or ‘the mother of all yogas’, which explains the concept of this particular practice like this:

The ancient texts speak of time as movement. They affirm that time and space, movement and stillness, are illusions. To sustain any illusion requires an enormous amount of resources. This depletion of resources causes aging and decay.
The illusion of polarity, the impossibility that the One Life can be divided and split is brought to resolution by balancing the opposite poles exactly. Only then can they cancel one another out, revealing an incorruptible reality that lies beyond—the reality of Eternal Youth.

This yoga comes with the recommendation of contemplating ‘144 core illusions of separation’ or ideas that we have perpetuated in our current paradigm that keep us from experiencing the fountain of youth today.  An example of one of these core illusions would be:

The desire of man to control his environment and his life has been pervasive.  It served the purpose of focusing his attention away from the terrifying vastness of his true being.  It gave him the feeling of having control over his illusory reality and his transitory existence.  It also gave him a purpose, he thought, that would justify the unreality and artificiality of physical life.    Premonition, prediction and prophecy cannot work since there is no real foundation to them.  There is no predictable plan.  Physicality has never been real and the endless vastness that we are cannot be controlled.

This concept is quite expansive and challenging to the current belief structure of this reality, which is apparently why the simple contemplation of its possibility has such a profound effect upon our bodies and our experience of life.   These concepts come up against our known reality and work to cancel out the effects our beliefs have on our bodies.  The postures which accompany these concepts work to eliminate the effects of linear time completely which is believed to be the primary cause of aging and decay.

Saradesi Satva Yoga alternates between movement and stillness “the movement expresses, the stillness listens” like the balance of masculine with the feminine in the depiction of the yin and the yang.  In order to assist in relieving one from the burden of the cognitive mind, which has such a strong influence on our beliefs in aging, this yoga uses what is called ‘the poetry of dreaming.’ This practice incorporates poetic verse with each posture, along with alchemical sound elixirs in order to free one into the realm of intuitive expression – much like familiarizing oneself with the ‘dark matter’ of physics, the unknown portion of reality which takes up the majority of space.

The Poetry of Dreaming in the practice is used to open non-cognitive communication with the deeper states of dreaming.  This allows the issues of very old cycles of life to come to the surface for cancellation.”

Using the Solfeggio Scale

The music which accompanies this yoga is sung in the Solfeggio scale, originally sung by the Catholic monks as Gregorian chants until it was banned by the church in the Middle Ages. The effects of this type of music is profound on the listener and induces certain meditative as well as healing states within the body.  Some say the Solfeggio scale helps to activate dormant DNA strands in the body as well as cleanse out feelings of guilt, awaken intuition, un-do situations and ‘facilitate change’ and return one to their ‘spiritual order.’  These ‘Healing Codes’ were discovered and written about by Dr. Leonard Horowitz in his book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.

The Postures

At no time during this yoga should analysis be made, the cognitive mind is asked to set itself aside so the individual may experience what is possible from such release.  An example of the first movement posture begins with this poem:

The Sun sets.  Tree branches blacken against the night sky like flotsam adrift in an endless sea. The frog welcomes the evening star.

With this posture it is asked that the practitioner releases belief systems around the aging of the body and their association with a specific age.  To remember the freedom of childhood and the comfort felt in the body is suggested in order to facilitate free movement and the removal of ‘stuck patterns’ in the body surrounding the belief of aging.  Those in movement are asked to feel the ‘endlessness of life’s alternating cycles’ and view life from a timeless perspective.

The practice then moves from a spontaneous and dynamic pose to one of stillness, reflecting the likeness of a more traditional yogic pose.  There are twelve still and twelve movement poses to represent 24 dream cycles of an individual (correlating with the waking and sleep states of the clock) as well as of the postulated 24 dream-cycles of the cosmos (corresponding to different ‘ages’ of time).

The second posture incorporates the lifting and lowering of the arms to the side along with the eye gaze up to the ceiling- while seated – and returning to base position with each round of breath.  These hand and eye movements are designed to “release programs of aging held in the heart center, brain and behind the eyes.”  The breathing pattern as well are to “release confined beliefs that have stunted self-expression in the lungs.”

The feeling after experiencing this yoga is definitely unique and unlike any other experience.  Choosing to repeat the practice regularly as well as studying the 144 core illusions of separation which accompanies the yoga have a profound effect on the practitioner and could, no doubt, alter the way one experiences time and the process of aging.  Can the ‘fountain of youth’ be realized by all through the practice of this simple ‘new’ yoga?  Only one who engages in the study and process will truly know.  For more information on this yoga and to get a hold of a teacher or self-guided material visit or purchase the MP3 download Here.

Here is a glimpse into a Saradesi Satva Yoga Class:

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Spiritual Journeys; Red Ice Creations; Attuned Vibrations; The Song of the Self; Almine Wisdom Course

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