38 Year Old Arrested for Driving over People at Venice Beach

 38 Year Old Arrested for Driving Over people at Venice Beach

A 38 year old man has been arrested for mowing down a crowd of people on the Boardwalk at Venice Beach California on Saturday afternoon. The driver abandoned the vehicle and left the scene on foot. Hours after the incident, Nathan Campbell walked into a police station and turned himself in.

The aftermath of the hit and run left eleven people injured and one person dead. 32 year old Alice Gruppioni of Italy died from her injuries. She was on her honeymoon.

There was no indication that Campbell knew any of the people he ran over. According to LAPD Commander Andy Smith “It looks like this guy wanted to run over a bunch of people. One guy bent on doing evil.”

Katherine Blackburn described the scene as something out of a movie. “It was horrible. I mean it was like something out of a movie, something you would never expect to see.”

Brian Humphrey, spokesman for the LA Fire Department commented “There were people flying, laying on the ground, tents flying everywhere. If he wanted to kill people, he came on a perfect time, 5 p.m. on a Saturday in the summer in Venice Beach.”

Campbell is being held on one million dollars bond.

Written by Kevin Reid

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