Alex Band a Walk on the Wild Side

Alex Band a Walk on the Wild Side

Alex Band, lead singer of the group The Calling, did not know that he was going to talk a walk on the wild side in the early hours of Sunday morning when he decided to walk down to a local convenience store in Lapeer, Michigan. On his way to the store, two men in a blue minivan thumped Alex over the head and shoved him in the vehicle.

The 32 year-old singer told police that he had been kidnapped, robbed and beaten in the incident that took place at 3 a.m. Sunday morning. According to his publicist, Alex sustained injuries to his lower spine; required 15 stitches to his lower chin; had three teeth broken and has bruising on his side and abdomen from being beaten with a baton.

There has been speculation that the whole occurrence was either a hoax or somehow related to his prior drug use. Band himself refuted the accusations and said, “I take my rehabilitation very seriously. I was near death due to this unbelievable situation and the rumors are categorically false and not a hoax as reported.”

Alex and his group The Calling, newly reformed, had just played a music festival. He was on his way to the local shop when the men in the blue minivan struck. Unfortunately, his walk to the shop turned into a one way ride on the wild side after he was bundled into the van. Band’s publicist Brad Taylor explained the sequence of events.

Taylor said that Band had been grabbed by the shirt and as he lost his balance was hit by someone in back of him. He was then beaten with the baton while one of the men pointed a gun at the singers face. Apparently the men asked Alex for his “Hollywood money” as they got him into a corner of the van.

The singer apparently fought back at first, but after the gun was shoved in his face, he said to his attackers, “Don’t kill me as I am about to be a dad.” The two assailants then beat Band further before stating that they did not “kill fathers.” They then dumped him out of the van next to a local railroad track, according to CNN.

TMZ, who initially reported the story, got hold of the 9-1-1 call that Alex’s manager placed after he had been found abandoned on the side of the road, presumably near the railroad tracks. In the call, Band’s manager reports that the singer had been kidnapped by two unknown men.

The 9-1-1 operator asks how he knew that Alex had been kidnapped and the manager says, “Because he’s bleeding all over the place and I found him on the side of the road.” His manager then tells the 9-1-1 operator that the singer is conscious and breathing.

The Lapeer, Michigan police are in the process of looking into the incident.

The singer was taken to the local McLaren Lapeer Region Hospital emergency room for treatment. Police Sergeant Craig Gormley said that after he was treated, Band was released from the hospital. Gormley also revealed that the police had questioned Alex while he was there.

Alex Band had a drug fuelled “fall from grace” after experiencing the highs of popularity and fame in the early 2000s. A press release quotes the singer as saying that his life was a huge struggle against illness, divorce and drug addiction. He and The Calling are in negotiations to sign a new recording deal and setting up for a world tour.

Whether the abduction of Alex Band was a publicity stunt that got out of hand or not, he truly went for a walk on the wild side when he took a stroll to a local shop in the wee hours of the morning. Something he may not be in a rush to do again.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom