Always Remember Steven Jobs

If you were to describe Steven Jobs in one words it would have to be Visionary. He saw an age that the rest of his generation was blind to.

“Here is to the crazy ones, the oddballs, the ones who see things differently. Whereas some may see you as the crazy or bizarre, we see brilliance. Because the people who are outrageous enough to  they imagine  they can transphorm the globe, are the ones who do it.” Said Steven Jobs, he actually believed that within all of us lied the possibility to create the next big thing, that we just had to be passionate enough believe we could and go for it. Steve Jobs constructed Apple from nothing, just by daring enough to believe he could.

“As creative’s, there’s a tendency to protect every design hatched in our heads as if the future of the world depended on them. It’s essential to comprehend that you and the world will be just fine if you have to transform, change or absolutely pitch away something you’ve created, particularly if it doesn’t provide its ultimate intention.”

The man brought us out of the dark ages and spurred us all into the land of greater technology. Jobs wouldn’t slow his vision for anything except finally his death that occurred almost 2 years ago, when he went into respiratory arrest due to his pancreatic cancer. He passed away in his Palo Alto, Calf. Home around 3 pm  on October 5th, 2011 with his wife, children and sister around him. Apple headquarters and stores all over the globe lowered their flags to half mast. Disney, due to the work that Jobs had done with Pixar before Disney had purchased it, also lowered their flags. For two weeks Apples corporate website only displayed a page displaying Steven Jobs name his lifespan and a grayscale photo.

The movie Jobs came out into theaters August 16th this year, covering the life of Steven Paul Jobs. Jobs was played by Ashton Kutcher. Unfortunately the movie didn’t stick to complete facts when carrying the story line. “A passionate effort, It comes down to the fact that Jobs lacks the polish and ‘ magnitude ‘ that Steve Jobs consistently aimed to conveyed in his own products.” Says critic Ben Kendrick from screenrant.

“The initiator of Apple Computers and the world-shattering inventor of everything. He earned & deserves better than this, its just shameful.” Says critic Dann Gire with the Daily Herald.

It is really very sad that someone who paved the way for innovative thinking and brought to us the dawn of greater technology couldn’t be perceived correctly in a movie that centered around him and his life, his accomplishment and his goals. It is felt by many that the movie jobs was a huge missed opportunity that could have been just as remarkable as the man the movie was about. He was the founding father of significant technology, with ground-breaking ideas, dreams and visions. At the link below you can find several of Steven Job’s quotes, that offer a glimpse into his great mind.

Steven Jobs Quotes

Written By: KyAuna Alonzo

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