America’s Top Model Season 20 Includes Guys, Girls and Drama

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Reaching the catwalk peak is no longer a girls dominated game! Tyra Banks states the guys are making a splash in season 20 of America’s Top Model and they better bring their “smize!” This should pump up the already dramatic exchanges between the models. Expect more cattiness and maybe even love triangles as the CW brings a co-ed appeal to boost ratings.

The eye-candy now includes a side dish for all, as girls and guys are lined up for the hopeful top 16. The guys are already making catty comments about one another. There’s 19-year-old Jeremy who proclaims he’s the only “guy’s guy” in the group and likes to watch football. Which he repeats a lot.

Tyra contacted the 35 finalists directly, very excited to meld the world of modeling for both girls and guys. Season 20 is proving to be interesting already! So, who made the top 16? Alex, Bianca, Kanani, Don, Renee, Nina, Marvin, Jiana, Chris H., Jourdan, Cory, Jeremy, Chlea, Mike, Phil and Chris S. And, there is already drama appearing.

America's Top Model Season 20 Includes Guys, Girls and Drama
The Top 16

There was a lot of big hair, make-up and catty looks as the group joined together, sizing one another up. Chris H. wants to make people laugh, but it looks like he fell out of clown school, because donning boxing gloves to go around and aim to the other guys family jewels? Not so bright or funny. Phil was not impressed and you can already tell the feud between these two will be more interesting than anything seen from the girls corner.

Of course, there were those that made viewers cough in embarrassment. Alexandra, who yes is part of the top 16, was talking about her life and referred to the fall of her family financial lifestyle, “My family’s just been through so much […] My dad had his entire company but then the economy happened and we lost everything.” How the economy happens and its relation to her dad’s entire company is still up for debate. The sob story should had been better correlated, or created, or something.

Personally, the introductory walk was a bit ridiculous. One guy and girl had to dress in masquerade and walk out together. Once the mask was removed, they had to turn to one another and kiss. Yes. They had to walk down, showing off how fierce or horsey their walk can be, remove their masks and kiss. Nevertheless, some kisses were dismal, others interesting as the group became familiar with one another.

The remaining contestants will be living together under one roof. So, this may be intriguing to see who’s bed is empty in the wee hours of the night, to scream-fests to wake up the other roomies. The prize may keep some contestants away from the insanity of their housemates. Up for grabs is a spread in Nylon Magazine,  and a $100,000 contract with Guess and Next models. This isn’t going to be a two winner show.

America’s Next Top Model will have only one winner. Personality and the ability to meet the demands from judges and Tyra will be imperative for these models to win. This is beyond a girl’s game, the guys have entered and they are bringing their own level of fierce skills. Season 20 is looking to be a very promising spectrum of drama and excitement.

Angelina Bouc

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