Apple iPhone 5S and 5C Hardware In Pictures

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The eagerly awaited iPhone 5S and the budget-friendly iPhone 5C have been snapped by the Vietnamese, in their rudimentary forms. The pictures, which were originally acquired from publisher, Tinhte, show Apple’s latest iteration of iPhone hardware, which are expected to be launched later this year, Sept. 10.

For the sake of clarity, the following “switches” are due to be implemented for Apple’s latest line-up:

  • iPhone 5S will become the high-end mobile device
  • iPhone 5C will substitute the aging iPhone 4, as the economic choice

From the date of publishing, the image attachments were no longer available directly from Tinhte; luckily, however, various other technology publishers, including Slash Gear and Phone Arena, were able to retrieve the leaked information. Please be aware, all of this article’s images were originally taken from the publisher Tinhte.

The Vietnamese insider source distributed comparison shots, some of which demonstrate the difference between the iPhone 5 (which replaced the iPhone 4S) and the soon-to-be-released 5S and 5C models.

The first thing to notice, from a design perspective, is the remarkable similarity between the iPhone 5S and the regular iPhone 5. Upon closer inspection, there are slight deviations between the standard iPhone 5 template, as it were, and the elite iPhone 5S; the 5S model includes a rear-facing, dual-LED flash, differing from the previous generation models, which obviously only support a single, rear-mounted flash.

Apple iPhone 5, 5S and 5C comparison
Original Image source: Tinhte

Turning to the front fascia of the mobile, again, the appearance remains similar. The iPhone 5S (situated on the left) has a top panel, housing one fewer pin hole-like indentation, which can be perceived along with a horizontal band. Based upon the leaked picture of Apple’s hardware, Slash Gear offer their opinions on the iPhone 5S; they argue the company is going for a “slightly simpler” design by reducing the number of holes, so the earphone speaker and sensor become part of a single-hole layout.

In addition, the camera position has be adjusted, ever-so-slightly, with a noticeably smaller aperture on the 5S mode (situated on the right), compared to the iPhone 5. Also of merit, the reverse camera appears to have a similarly smaller camera size, relative to the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5, 5S and 5C Comparisons
Original Image source: Tinhte

It must be stressed, the devices’ features and appearance are likely to change, prior to shipment. Therefore, needless to say, these products don’t necessarily reflect the final product.

However, moving onto the entry-level iPhone 5C, apart from slightly spherical, smooth edges and a polycarbonate outer frame, again, there is little to distinguish between the two models in appearance or size. From a sideways glance, the 5C model is replete with oblong-shaped buttons, whereas the iPhone 5 posses a series of round buttons. Placing the iPhone 5C adjacent the iPhone 5, the 5C does indeed appear to have a budget look about it, but remains attractive none-the-less.

iPhone 5C With Round Buttons
Original Image source: Tinhte

With reference to the hardware specifications, the iPhone 5S is likely to be fitted with a high resolution, 12 mega pixel camera and 2GB of internal memory. Rumors that the device is to sport an entirely new central processing unit (CPU) have been unconfirmed. The iPhone 5C is alleged to be less powerful, with a lower specification camera; however, the 5C is most probably Apple’s attempt to break into demographics of the developing world, where rivaling budget handsets are faring better.

That wraps up the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C devices’ superficial differences, based upon the pictures provided by Tinhte. Hopefully, Apple will have more concrete information on the precise hardware specifications some time soon.

By: James Fenner, London

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