Ashton Kutcher Teen Choice Award Speech an Epic Win (Video)

Ashton Kutcher Teen Choice Award is  Epic Win

At 35 years-old Ashton Kutcher is beyond the acceptable age for teenagers to trust let alone listen to. But with his Teen Choice Award Speech when he was given the Ultimate Choice Award he chalked up an epic win with the teen audience. Kutcher proved that age isn’t an issue when you say the right things. You can see his acceptance speech in the video below.

After striding onstage, saying that he knew that the award was the “grandpa” award and that he would head over to the old folks home after collecting his surfboard, he went on to give a brilliant speech that got the teen audience roaring their approval.

What did the Steve Jobs actor say?

He told his young audience the truth.

Kutcher then gave a tiny Ashton biography. After saying that he “felt like a fraud” he revealed that Ashton was his middle name. His first name, he said, was Chris and he made the “name change” when he started acting. He told them that he learned a lot when he was still Chris and he passed on what he had learned. He revealed some of the jobs that he’d worked at, as Chris, on his way to success as Ashton. After the brief walk down memory lane, he told his audience that opportunity, “looks alot like hard work.”

He then told the Teen Choice Award attendees that “really smart is sexy.” Ashton then added two more qualities to his equation, he said that people who were intelligent and thoughtful also fell into the sexy category. He went on to say that people who try to make you feel less than what you were, could not be classified as sexy. He explained that they only wanted to make themselves feel better and make you feel less about yourself.

Kutcher summed up his epicly winning Teen Choice Award speech with an anecdotal piece from Steve Jobs himself. Ashton said, “Steve Jobs said when you grow up you tend to get told that world is the way that it is. And your job is to live your life within that world as it is. Not to get into too much trouble…”

But the secret, according to Ashton Kutcher and Steve Jobs, is that the world we live in, is made up by “people no smarter than us.” For us to be successful, we need to “build” our life, not just “live it.”

Kutcher finished by saying, “find your opportunities and always be sexy.”

Throughout his entire acceptance speech the crowd of youngsters reacted enthusiastically to his words, which was pretty amazing. Most teenagers do not want to hear a over-thirty’s idea of success or what the secret of it may be. At that age, and we were all there at one point in our lives, teenagers believe that they have a much better idea of what is going on than the older folks.

Granted, it was nice to see such an “old guy” get a Teen Choice Award. But it was also impressive. All the more so by Kutcher’s passionate speech about what sexy really means and his own secret to success.

By finishing up with a lesson that he had “relearned” playing Steve Jobs, he ended on a very high note and one that got him rapturous applause. So, in our humble opinion, Ashton Kutcher’s Teen Choice Award speech was an epic win, not just for him, but for the teens who so obviously agreed with him. You can see Ashton’s passionate speech in the video below.