Ben Affleck is No Stranger to Wearing Tights

Bat Man

Though Ben Affleck is known to be a solid actor with ruggedly handsome looks, let’s face it, he’s no stranger to wearing tights or skin tight suits.  He wore the muscular DareDevil costume 2003 when he played a blind attorney, Michael Murdock, by day; and the crime fighting, DareDevil by night.  He again donned a tighty, in 2006, when he portrayed the troubled 1950’s star of the Superman series,  George Reeves in the movie, Hollywood Land.

I loved seeing Ben in both!  But many Batman lovers aren’t envisioning Affleck as the chisel-chested, Bruce Wayne by day, or the crime fighting Batman by night.  In fact, the only place they see Affleck is OUT of the movie completely.  Thousands of batman lovers (20,000 of them) have signed a petition at to ask executives at Warner Brothers to recast the role of Batman to a stronger, more action-type actor than Affleck.

The petition (below) from says:


Barry M. Meyer, Warner Brothers Studios

Just because he won an oscar for a totally different kind of film and he is the “flavor of the month” doesn’t mean he should be hired to kill off a franchise that could do so well. Yes he can do some drama but he is very one noted and acting is basically the same in every flick. And not to mention EVERY SINGLE ACTING flick he has done has TANKED…Lets see:
SUM OF ALL FEAR!- Drama/action–worst in series TANKED


In keep going. The point is he is better with a drama but action is a huge fail! When are the people that make the decisions gonna ask the people who really cares and not just pick the flavor of the month. Look at your pass errors in Superheros….the reason it takes 10+ years to make a film is because you always do the wrong. The ONLY positive was MAN OF STEEL. With Ben Affleck as Batman you might as well hired PEE WEE Herman to be him,…..same lame result. And due to this i will not be seeing this film even though ive waited over 10 years for this!

Sincerely, “


It’s no secret that Ben Affleck has had his share of box office flops:  Gigli, Paycheck, Jersey Girl, and maybe one or two more, but who’s counting?  Never-the-less, as an actor and director, Affleck is evolving.  His films Gone Baby Gone, and The Town, have helped to make-ready the way for his Best Picture of the year, Argo; a movie about a beautifully executed  rescue of American hostages held captive in Iran.

This year, Argo was a major cue for Affleck, who won awards and nominations from the Producers Guild, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild and several more.

Certainly, Ben Affleck has matured as an actor.  He not only commands the attention of the audience, but his performances are usually flawless.  He’s easy on the eyes, and will probably beef up his 195 lbs., to a weight just a bit more substantial to fill out the tightly fitting, Batman suit.  If all goes well, we’ll get a gander of Ben in it, in July 2015.

One of my favorite Batmen of all times was Michael Keaton.  And if memory serves me correctly, it was said that he wouldn’t be good choice for the part either.  But he was Stellar!

Quite frankly, I don’t mind giving Ben Affleck a chance to play Batman.  He may surpass good and be outstanding.  But whether its Affleck, Keaton, Bale or the Three Stooges, I really don’t care who plays Batman.   The only thing that I want to know is who’s going to be the one saying,   “BATMAN…BATMAN… RIDDLE ME THIS?”


Written By:  DeBorah Heggs-Alston

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