Brazilian Bus Soars off Bridge Near Rio, Killing 6

Brazilian Bus Soars off Bridge Near Rio, Killing 6

According to the New Zealand Herald, Brazilian authorities have confirmed a passenger bus recently ran off a bridge in Itaguai, a city to the west of Rio De Janeiro (about 60km).

On Wednesday, the bus plunged some distance of 40 meters (130 feet), killing 6 people. Firefighters were immediately rushed to the scene, who later confirmed the number of mortality wounded individuals.

The specifics of the event remain unclear, as officials have yet to reveal the number of individuals aboard the vehicle, how many of said passengers were hurt, or the reason for the catastrophe.

This event occurs just months after a similar incident took the lives of seven people in central Rio De Janeiro, in April. However, the incident was spurred following the reckless actions of an annoyed, lone driver, who deliberately collided with a bus, the driver of which had skipped several stops.

By: James Fenner

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