Britney Spears Potty Mouthed on the Comeback Trail

Britney Spears Potty Mouthed on the Comeback Trail

Britney Spears last studio Album was Femme Fatale in 2011 it paved the way for her Femme Fatale Tour after the album shot to number one in the US, Canada, and Australia music charts. 2012 saw Britney as judge on the American version of The X Factor. In the same year she turned potty mouthed in her collaboration with in the song Scream & Shout while climbing her way to the top of the comeback trail.

The 31 year-old star is marching forward and upward on her return to the music charts. She has managed to survive her very public breakdown and rise like a phoenix from the ashes of her life. Like a punch drunk fighter, she refused to go to her corner and instead slugged it out like the champion she is.

Taking a leaf from other long successful female artists like Madonna and Kylie Minogue, she has re-imagined herself, yet again. While she took time out, in a sense, to do Smurfs 2, she is back on track now in the more adult world of music.

In her music video with for Scream & Shout, she actually says “sh*t and b*tch” in the single from Will’s album #willpower. The song became a number one hit for Britney in the UK singles chart and reached number three on the US Billboard Hot 100. Her potty mouth participation in the popular song just means that she closer to reaching the peak of her comeback trail.

She is now counting down the days until her next album or single. If you head on over to Spear’s official website you will see a comeback count down.


The countdown started on August 20, Tuesday morning. With its enigmatic logo of All Eyes On Me, it looks to be the build up to either a new single or album.

Whether it is a single or her eighth studio album will be made clear on September 17, 2013.

Spears has been pushing the publicity train on her upcoming project on both Twitter and in interviews. She tweeted on Aug. 14:

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 15.41.12

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest in July she said, “I want to definitely take this album and have a new approach with it and make it a little different than anything I’ve ever done. Will has a lot of really interesting different tracks that I’ve listened to that are really cool that I haven’t actually written on yet, but there’s a lot of guitar and I think people will be surprised with this album. It’s gong to be really different.”

Britney has hinted very heavily that Will is going to be very involved with her next project. And why not, her collaborative effort in Scream & Shout, where she got all potty mouthed, did very well, finishing up as just one more top five hit. While a video where Britney says sh*t and b*tch is an interesting follow up to her single Ooh La La from Smurfs 2, she’s climbing the comeback trail with an undiminished intensity that is as impressive as she is.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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