Carson is the Big Man on TCU’s Campus at Age Eleven [video]

Modern Day Doogie Howser

Modern Day Doogie HowserCarson Huey-You is only 11-years-old and already a freshman in college. This little guy stands at 4-foot-7 and only weighs 75 pounds. He’ll soon have to carry his weight in books. He is the youngest student to ever attend Texas Christian University. Carson is a physics major with intent on becoming a quantum physicist.

Quantum physics is a subdivision of science that focuses on distinct, indivisible parts of energy called quanta as described by the Quantum Theory. There are five principle ideas supported in Quantum Theory:
1. Energy is not constant
2. Basic particles function as particles and waves
3. Particles movement is naturally random
4. It is not physically possible to know the momentum and position concurrently.
5. The world we live in is nothing like the atomic world

This theory reveals a variety of clues as it relates to the fundamental nature of the universe. Quantum physicists believe the nature of the universe is very different from the world that we see.

Carson started class last week and plans to join the world of “quantum physics” when he graduates college.

Carson is excited to get closer to his goal but admits that there are a few challenges that come with being an 11-year-old at TCU. It’s no surprise that the curriculum didn’t make the list; making friends and carrying all those books are his biggest concerns.

Young Carson is like a modern day Doogie Howser. Doogie Howser, M.D. is an American television series which starred Neil Patrick Harris as a teen physician who faced the normal teenage problems while functioning in an adult profession.

Carson was only 10-years-old when graduated as co-valedictorian in May from Accommodated Learning Academy high school. His SAT score was 1770. His mother, Claretta, says her son was reading by age 2 and that math came very easy to him. He not only speaks English but also Mandarin Chinese and is skilled at playing classical piano music.

Outside of Carson’s genius intellect he’s a typical 11-year-old. He loves “Star Wars” and playing with his friends. To support his love for the movie, when questioned about his current college status he replied, “The force is strong in this one.”

Carson says that he really, really likes school. He said he chose quantum physics because he likes numbers. Education grounds him and numbers calm him down when he gets upset.

Claretta said she’s always close. She’s not leaving him there to join a fraternity or live in the dormitory. She realizes Carlson will probably graduate before he is even able to drive. She says age has never been a problem for her son, he was in the eighth grade at 5-years-old; of course, the kids were much older and much taller than he was.

Dr. Magnust Rigby, an associate dean and physics professor in astronomy, said when people display concerns about Carson attending college at such a young age, the answer is always, “What else would he do?”

Dr. Rigby thinks the other students will be able to learn from him. Rigby feels that once an 11-year-old speaks up and shares his opinion others will be encouraged to do the same.

Even though Carson is half the height of many of his college peers he holds his head high. While Carson maintains the weight of the lessons his mother has to carry the weight of the backpack. His books are too heavy for his small stature.

Carson’s little brother is following his footsteps and will also graduate early. Their mother says God is responsible for their high intellectual skills.

Because of Carson’s age he couldn’t even apply online. Now, he’s been officially accepted as a student and says that his first week of college was overwhelming but fun and exciting.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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