Catherine Zeta-Jones Finds Divorces Repulsive

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After 13 years together and two kids, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are taking a break from one another. Honestly, not much surprise is slamming Hollywood or around the country of the announcement. Earlier reports indicated the couple would seek a divorce. Zeta-Jones waved off that rumor and stated she is in it for the long run and frankly finds, “divorces repulsive. I will never get divorced, never.” This of courses causes “hmm” as some point out the fact her husband is 68-years-old, and in remission from stage 4 throat cancer.  A cancer, the actor admitted to the Guardian, that stemmed from HPV (human papillomavirus) due to oral sex. The admission early this summer is rumored to be a lead reason why Zeta-Jones wants a break. She was reportedly humiliated, and upset that Douglas did not clarify his remarks. Remarks, Douglas himself stated were untrue.

Then again, the last time the star couple were seen was in April, which places Douglas’ remarks after that time. There are other items of concern that can point to the lead-up of a break between the twosome:

  • That significant 25-year age difference. Yes, couples with many years between them have made it work, but others have not. The United States divorce statistics point to that fact.
  • Their marriage underwent hardship and challenges when Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010.
  • Further health issues arose when Zeta-Jones was diagnosed as bi-polar, and acting out violently against her husband and others.
  • Douglas’ oldest son from his previous marriage has been in deep trouble with the law, and many point to this divide between the married pair.

Marriage is hard. Anyone who has sampled it, knows it. It requires a balancing act of learning someone in your life, daily. Add in health issues and this can significantly challenge the strongest bonds. While Zeta-Jones’ words were a bit harsh on her view of divorce, further yet is the underlying message. She loves her husband and wants to make it work. Douglas is away on holiday and Zeta-Jones remained in New York with her children.

In 1998 when Zeta-Jones starred in Zorro, Douglas watched the film and became intrigued by the brunette knockout. Later during the fall, the two connected when cupid Danny DeVito, introduced Douglas to his future wife. Zeta-Jones had shared in previous interviews the pair were so busy, it took them nine months to share their first kiss.  The couple were married in a lavish wedding in 2000 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Love remained strong, their 25-year age difference never a question. The couple shares a birthday on September 25 and hopefully will come together to spend it once more.

Health concerns became a toll on the couple, which is understandable. One illness opened to another and alas a wedge was driven between the powerhouse couple. Her words may be harsh, but Zeta-Jones provides a wealth of emotion for her husband. It works in Douglas’ favor his wife finds divorces disgusting, because she is willing to work out their issues. In doing so, the couple should come together for counseling and communications. Time spent away is always needed to make the heart grow fonder, but it is in high hopes the two learn to communicate to fix their issues. Marriage isn’t easy, but it’s nice to see one Hollywood couple that knows divorce would be harder.

Hopefully, the couple find their blissful bond once more.
Hopefully, the couple finds their blissful bond once more.

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