Cory Monteith was a Modern-Day James Dean (Video)


Glee‘s Cory Monteith is gone, but he’s far from forgotten. Two movies he made before his death in Canada, All the Wrong Reasons (Myriad Pictures) and McCanick, are going to be released in theaters in the near future, and they will likely provide his fans a glimpse of the potential the young star had of being a modern-day version of James Dean, another actor who died way too young.

You can view the trailer from All the Wrong Reasons below.

Monteith plays the manager of a store, James. His wife is afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Another actor in the film is the late star’s friend, Kevin Zegers, who plays a firefighter. His wife is played by Karine Vanasse and Emily Hampshire portrays a store clerk in the flick.

James Dean
James Dean

Before he became a star, one of Monteith’s jobs was being a Walmart greeter, so it probably wasn’t much of a stretch for him to play the manager of a store.

The two-minute trailer which follows shows James as he tries to balance his work life with the marital troubles he’s been having  due to his wife’s PTSD.

According to an interview that Tony Whalen, the producer of the movie, gave to E!News after Cory Monteith passed away this past July:

He really bonded with everybody and he was always grinning and smiling and he made for a very fun set. He was an inspiration to a lot of our actors and a couple in particular that once they worked with him, they were inspired to keep going with acting because of what Cory talked to them about. Everybody that he met, he inspired.”

Continuing to speak about Monteith’s performance in All the Wrong Reasons, Whalen stated:

Cory totally delivered. There is this one particular scene that was a bit of a heated discussion with his wife and it was just unbelievable how powerful it was. He really embraced that role and he completely knocked everybody’s socks off with his portrayal.”


This September 8, the premiere of All the Wrong Reasons will be at the Toronto Film Festival.

In the very last movie that Cory acted in, McCanick, he plays a person who is addicted to drugs. There is not a release date that’s been set for this flick yet, and right now, it’s in the post-production phase.

Though the two actors, Cory Monteith and James Dean, died in very different ways, they both are similar in that they were teenage heartthrobs who died at their heights of popularity under tragic circumstances.

Cory Monteith’s stature as the modern-age James Dean will likely only be enhanced by the release of his final two movies, All the Wrong Reasons and McCanick.

Check out the video trailer from All the Wrong Reasons below!



Written by: Douglas Cobb

 All the Wrong Reasons video trailer


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