Donald Trump Never to Run for Presidency

Simply Because He is a Loser

Donald Trump Never to Run for Presidency
When Donald Trump appeared at the Iowa Family Leadership Summit, people pretended to be falling for his alleged 2016 presidential candidacy – the same candidacy as in previous years, running for the office of President of the United States.

“I do think I can make fabulous deals for the country. I think I could make the country great again. I think I could make the country rich again,” Trump said, suggesting the country will be lost without him and needs him to be around.

Political observers know that Trump can never run for President. People say that he likes to promote himself and likes to get all the attention drawn to him. He is an insecure person and afraid of being rejected by the people.

Trump is not afraid to file lawsuits. He did not win when he sued a Philadelphia brokerage firm because one of their people made a negative comment against him. Even though that person got fired, the irony is that the Taj Mahal Casino went bankrupt the following year of 1990. The brokerage firm has since turned around and sued Trump for defamation. This suit was settled out of court.

Trump is well-known in using the words “loser” and “you’re fired” on the television show The Apprentice. He likes to make people feel that he is more important than anybody else in the world. He tried to copyright the phrase “you’re fired” but was unsuccessful.

Donald Trump knows that he could never run for presidency as he knows that deep down, he will be the one ending up being a loser.

Written By: Landi Bezuidenhout


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