Dr. Oz Saves Woman at Accident Scene After Her Foot is Severed


Dr. Oz Saves Woman at Accident Scene after Her Foot is Severed

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the popular host of his own medical TV show, rushed to the scene of a terrible accident earlier today. A young woman, Sian Green, was visiting New York from Britain when a speeding cab hit her. Dr. Oz has an office right near the accident location and when he heard the commotion, he rushed outside to assist passersby, who were trying to stem the flow of blood from the woman’s leg. Her foot had been completely severed and was lying under the taxi. The accident occurred by the Rockefeller Center at 49th St. and Sixth Ave in New York.

The cab was being driven by Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon, 24, of Queens, when it spun out of control, jumped the sidewalk, and crashed into Green as she was sitting by a fountain eating lunch with a friend. Passerby David Justino immediately sprang into action by taking off his union plumber belt and making a tourniquet which he applied to the woman’s leg. Dr. Oz says Justino’s quick thinking was a key factor in saving Green’s life. “The real hero of day, is plumber Dave, just an average Joe,” said Dr. Oz modestly, “an average Dave just walking along the street but he saved her life. It’s very smart thinking. A simple thing like a union plumber’s belt can save your life.”

Dr. Oz graciously placed the praise on the ordinary citizens who had just been passing by. He credits them for saving the Green’s life. “People rushed over to the woman with bottles of water,” Oz said. “It was amazing. No one was afraid to come in and assist immediately. If this woman survives it is because people rushed over so quickly to help. It was crucial.”

Rescuer Justino called Green “strong” and “brave,” and said he wished she had not remained conscious during the ordeal. “Her left leg was severed off, the other was mangled. She was conscious the whole time, the poor thing. I wished she would have passed out,” he said.

Cab driver Himon was cited at the scene, but he has been operating a taxi since 2010. He said he was “in shock” and “upset,” and that he’d never had such a tragedy happen to him before. However, the New York Times revealed that he had three previous citations for various minor infractions.

There are conflicting accounts of exactly what caused the cab to go out of control. Himon’s brother said Himon had had an altercation with a bicyclist and accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, while the cyclist said Himon hit him before losing control of the car. Said the cyclist:

I told him to stop because I’m trying to go forward and people are crossing. He loses his patience. He gets angry. He accelerates. Hits me. I’m on the roof of a car like in a Steven Seagal movie, okay. And I’m on the sidewalk. I’m like this looking up at the sky.

Other passersby also reacted quickly by bringing a bucket of ice in which they submerged the left foot. Dr. Oz was at the scene helping to direct the decisions. Green’s friend, who is the only person Green knows in New York, took a leash off a passing dog and applied a tourniquet to Green’s other leg.

The severed left foot was recovered by rescue workers and taken to Bellevue Hospital where doctors would try to reattach it. The New York Times has reported, sadly, that Green’s other leg could not be saved below the knee due to the severity of the accident. Having Dr. Oz at the scene, though, was undoubtedly key in helping to save Green’s life.

By: Rebecca Savastio

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