Elon Musk Invents Hyperloop Travel [Video]

Elon Musk Invents Hyperloop Travel [Video]

South African-born serial entrepreneur, Elon Musk Invented designs for hyperloop travel that could be a viable option to airline travel. Hyperloop is an elevated train like system that is a fraction of the cost for California’s proposed high-speed rail plan. Faster than air flight, Hyperloop would be able to transport people from San Francisco to Los Angeles in about a half hour.

“We really love the idea, we think it’s an awesome project,” said Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of JumpStartFund. A small startup company, JumpStartFund plans to advance the concept. Ahlborn plans to refine Musk’s design to produce a realistic and tangible product for public use. “We want to create one single point for all those people who are working in different corners,” said Ahlborn. He plans to propose the idea to professors and Engineers for feedback.

Musk designed the concept along with Engineers from his two companies, the plans called for a more comprehensive system that included the transportation of cargo as well as people. Elon Musk’s original design could prove to be quite costly, but a scaled down version could be realistically implemented at a reasonable cost.

Elon Musk proposed Hyperloop with the desire for an alternative form of transportation, but he’s too busy to further development of the idea. He said in a statement to the media that he was heavily involved with his present companies SpaceX and Tesla Motors. JumpStartFund will seek to tackle the project and answer the question on the minds of most, will the concept work? The current president of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell, is familiar with JumpStartFund and is enthusiastic about them exploring the idea.

The State of California is considering a comprehensive rail plan that is expected to run up to $68 billion in program costs. Hyperloop, if proven to be a functional plan, could be a cost saving alternative for state officials. Key to getting supporters will be the ability to sway politicians and the people of the state to buy in to the initiative.

Ahlborn believes the concept is a great technological advance in public transportation and has taken on similar projects in building the JumpStartFund’s brand. He states that often times the public gets a boost from hearing about highly innovative technological approaches and later forget it when it’s scrapped for nonproduction.

Similar ideas of tube travel have been proposed, such as Daryl Oster’s ET3 program, which have similar travel principles. Oster’s concept is much more ambitious and is designed for farther distance travel and faster rates of speed. Observers believe Musk’s plan is less of a gamble and more viable for the practical needs of California’s public.

Elon Musk Invents products regurlary and Hyperloop travel is a concept that could ignite high speed rail or Hyperloop type travel on a national level. Critics contend the idea may seem like a crazy one, but it just might be a sign of the future.

By Thomas Barr

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