Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix – Sebastian Vettel Soars to Victory!

Formula 1 Belgian Gran Prix - Vettle Soars to Victory!

Vettle soars to victory with his driving dominance in the Formula 1 Belgian Gran Prix.

At the 2013 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday, Sebastian Vettel put on the pressure by dominating the lead in the first lap against Lewis Hamilton. Vettel’s Red Bull flawlessly soared past Hamilton’s Mercedes, next closing in on Les Combes. Thus setting stage towards his mark for victory.

Next, was Fernando Alonso as his Ferrari pressed past Hamilton from ninth to second place. But Alonso clocked 16.8s behind Vetttel’s RB9 44 laps.

Hamilton held tight for third place ahead of Nico Rosberg. At one point Rosberg came under siege by Red Bull’s Mark Webber, whose started out poorly and had to fight the rest of the afternoon at catching up. In the finish, Webber ended up 3.9s behind Rosberg.

On the 15th lap, Jenson Button briefly took the lead during pit stop brakes, but Vettel accelerated past him before completing the lap. Button then lost ground, but was able to hold on to a reputable sixth place.

Claiming seventh was Ferrari’s Felipe Massa as he overpowered Lotus’s Romain Grosjean on the 40th. Towards the final lap, Force India’s Adrian Sutil earned two added points and Toro Rosso’s Daniel Ricciardo claimed the final point when he passed Nico Hulkenberg’s Sauber and teammate Jean-Eric Vergne.

McLaren of Sergio Perez came in 11th after receiving a penalty for forcing Grosjean to push Les Combes, who on lap 8 bumped him out of 10th place slot.

Vergne, who finished behind Les Combes, did not get penalized even though it appeared he had done the exact same thing as Ricciardo did to Nico Hulkenberg.

Esteban Guiterrez received a drive-through penalty by running outside the track putting him in 14th place.

Valtteri Bottas came in 15th after Sutil clipped Pastor Maldonado. On lap 27th he exited the Bus Stop and turned his vehicle into Paul Di Resta trying to get into the pit once his vehicle passed the entrance. The 10-second penalty did nothing to sooth and angry Resta.

It seemed not one of the driver’s soared  on the same track to victory that Vettles commanded.

In the final laps, Maldonado came in 16th, and Jules Bianchi and Max Chilton took 18th and 19th place.

Along with Charles Pic’s, whose Caterham died out early, and Di Resta, the only other driver who was out of the race was Kimi Raikkonen. The astonishing 27 consecutive point finishes that Finn’ upheld ended with him having problems with his brakes. Black dust was spotted discharging from his Lotus out his wheels during the entire race. This lost him two places in the fight for the victory title as Vettel stretched his 197-point tally away from Alonso. Alonso jumped down to second place holding a 151, with Hamilton taking third holding a 139 to Raikkonen’s 134 points. Webber stands in fifth at 115 points.

Red Bull placed 32 points in the Constructor’s stakes to Mercedes’ 235. Ferrari came in with 218, Lotus 187, while moving ahead of Force India, McLaren received a 65 to 61.

And at day’s end of the Formula 1 Belgium GrandPeix the victory soars with Sebastian Vettel as the 2013 winner.


Written by Lisa Graziano

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