Gia Allemand Killed by Insecurity

Gia Allemand Killed by Insecurity

To the outside world Gia Allemand had the world by the tail. She had plenty of work lined up and a long term relationship with NBA player Ryan Anderson. But it appears that despite the work, she was in a downward spiral that no one knew about. Her relationship with Anderson was not going where she expected and according to friends she was plagued with insecurity. An insecurity that ultimately killed her when she let it drive her to apparently commit suicide by hanging.

Sources close to the 29 year-old model and actress said that she suffered from her own personal demons. She fought a battle against depression and she turned to prescription drugs and cocaine to overcome her internal battles.

Her self appraisal took a huge shot when she lost out on catching the prize on season 14 of The Bachelor. underneath the beauty and facade of self confidence and passion, she fought depression and deep insecurities and longed to become part of something bigger than her.

It seems that Gia did not dream of being a star as much as she dreamed of being in a deep and lasting relationship. She and Ryan had been together since 2011 and she revealed to close friends that she was upset that he had not proposed yet.

Apparently last month, she and Ryan had a falling out while the two of them were in Las Vegas. The issue at hand was the lack of an engagement ring. Her disappointment at where their relationship appeared to be heading apparently added to her already low self confidence in love.

The New York Post reported that after their row in Vegas, Gia was going to move to New York to live on her own after failing to convince Anderson to make a commitment to marriage. Sources close to Allemand said that she thought Ryan was her “soulmate” when the two started dating and that she was very upset when things didn’t go in the direction that she expected.

Another friend, Beauty and the Geek host Brian McFayden, told FOX that Gia was full of insecurities and that she was “looking for attention from guys.” He also said that she was lost, and that, “She was looking for love.”

Another friend said that when they heard of Gia’s death that, they weren’t “that shocked, because of her ups and down. She fell victim to her own perfection and they were having problems.” A number of her friends knew at her attempts to control her depression with self-medication and when they heard about her death, they thought that was how she had died.

The real tragedy is that this beautiful and talented young woman apparently suffered from long term depression and a poor self image that left her unable to find true happiness unless she was in a loving relationship. After the falling out that she and Ryan had in Las Vegas, she must have felt that her world had ended. The young woman who “needed a partner to define her” was lost again and it was this on top of her insecurities that killed Gia Allemand.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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