Google’s Sergey Brin has Googled a New Lover

Google’s Sergey Brin has Googled a New LoverBritish woman, Amanda Rosenberg, 27 leaves for London and heads to Silicon Valley to make a name for herself at Google, and her claim to fame has come true! She is now Google founder and one of the richest men in the world Sergey Brin’s new lover, along with suddenly being the most viral name for chatter in Silicon Valley.

Amanda began her college education at Marlborough College wherein Princess Eugenie, Kate and Pipa Middleton attended, Pipa being two years her senior in classes. Rosenberg then transferred and graduated from Leeds University, situated on the River Aire in West Yorkshire, England with a communications degree and has been employed at Google for the past five years.

Rosenberg was born in Hong Kong, but raised in the UK. Her father is English and mother Hong Kong Chinese, who works as an investment banker. Amanda likes to refer to herself as a chew, Chinese Jew.

Last year is when Rosenberg transferred to the United States where she was promoted as Google’s marketing manager to oversee the controversial Google Glass computerized spectacles. The technologically advanced glasses have been widely criticized for violating privacy standards. The apprehension over the glasses is that when wearing them, users can broadcast virtually everything they see on to the Internet.

Currently, the price of purchasing these spectacles is $1,500. Ee gads! But, when the trendy glasses hit the consumer market, the cost will drastically reduce to a manageable $299.

Google’s Sergey Brin has Googled a New LoverRosenberg earned her new marketing management title by brilliantly coming up with an innovative voice command to activate the eyeglass wear with the phrase, “OK Glass.” The savvy marketer also performs promotional shots of her wearing the eyeglasses via commercials and photo shots with Hollywood stars.

But sadly enough, her relocation to San Francisco left the unfortunate English girl isolated and alone without friends. Poor Amanda was so alone that in her blog she admitted that her first week of working at Google she ate lunch in the company toilets because no one spoke to her.

The marketing manager was so shy, her blog proclaims, that instead of attending her first work invited social gathering, she instead opted to go home and sit on her couch eating biscuits.  Another one of those brilliant executive decisions.

But not to worry, the lonely, shy yet ingenious girl stepped out of her cocoon and Googled herself a new multi billion dollar, married with two children boyfriend, Sergey Brin, 40 who is considered one of the richest men in the world.

Google’s Sergey Brin has Googled a New LoverBrin, who founded Google in 1998 with Larry Page, is married to Anne Wojcicki. Those in the Silicon Valley considered them a power couple. Sources say the two have been separated for the past several months. In a statement from Brin, the power team is not legally separated and that he and his wife remain good friends and partners.

Now that the Brin/Rosenberg affair was released yesterday, only time will dictate how the good friends and partners deal with the strict prenuptial established before the marriage. If they divorce, California law states that their $15 billion dollar fortune would be halved even though a pre-nup was in place.

Another awkward situation for Google is that Anne Wojcicki’s sister, Susan Wojcicki is a senior Google executive who the company was founded in her garage.

Also spicing the pot is former boyfriend Ewan Butler, 28. Ewan, a trainee teacher living in Darlington claims that Amanda Rosenberg is pretty and knows how to effectively use her beauty. “She is good at playing men – she played me.”

In the past, Amanda also had a romantic link with senior executive Hugo Barra, Google’s product management director for Android. Barra announced his resignation this week. Barra is leaving for China to work for Viaomi. His departure comes from ending a romantic relationship with another Googler (with no implication to Rosenberg) that had gone drastically sour.

With all this inter-company mixing and matching, has Google’s company code of ethics been breached?

There have been no comments from the company, but on Google’s website a company conduct code is posted. The code outlines that if romantic relationships between co-workers do create a conflict of interest, this would result in a change in work appointments or possible termination.

With that read, Rosenberg’s position has been moved to another post within the company placing her management position further away (during working hours) from being googled by her new love Google’s founder Sergey Brin.

Written by Lisa Graziano


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