Hangover Free Beer Gives Us New Style

Hangover Free Beer Gives Us New Style

A new beer style was invented recently to join the noble family of brewed drinks. Unlike the old styles of beer grown for centuries in European abbeys, this one was quick and science brewed. It has a taste equal to Czech Pilsner and aroma like Belgium wild. However, a difference enhanced by scientific research versus monastic chanting is vital: new ale doesn’t give you a hangover promising a whole revolution in beer consumption. The name of the style is Australian.

 Australian born beer has a very good chance of being as famous as Belgian if not more. Centuries ago, Belgian monks were trying to disinfect drinking water by adding hopes to their water supplies to prevent diseases and fight infections. Newly born Australian style beer is also fighting a disease – headache caused by excessive drinking due to dehydration followed by loss of nutrients.

Researchers from Griffith University’s Health Institute from Australia, led by an Associate professor Dr. Ben Desbrow, reported in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism about their experiments with enhanced beer. The group of few male volunteers were given normal light and full strength beer as well as lab manipulated beer with added electrolytes (sodium) after they had vigorous exercise to see how their bodies were going to cope with dehydration. Body mass and urine samples were taken before, during and after the experiment. Results were impressive: light beer with added electrolyte showed the best result of rehydrating participants of the experiment, normalizing the fluid balance of the body. The taste and aroma of the beer, according to the study, were not affected, alcohol content – just little.

Is it going to be a revolution in beer drinking? More studies are going to be conducted, of course, until new style can be introduced to the public. But even now we can follow the trend changing drinking snacks while enjoying beer to prevent loss of nutrients. Baby carrots, celery stalks, whole grain crackers, and vegetable chips with a glass of clear water standing nearby might be a good substitute for salty potato chips and nuts helping us to get benefits from drinking.  Beer is rich with vitamin B, niacin, folate, phosphorous, selen and chromium.  According to medical studies, it helps reduce heart attacks if taken moderately. Beer has polyphenols also found in fruits, tea, and wine beneficial for prevention of blood clotting. Dark or unfiltered beers tend to be more beneficial due to extra nutrients found in the grain and roots they are produced from. Dark beer even helps metabolizing “heterocyclic aromatic amines” forming when meat is cooked till brown, and so might be a good choice for barbeque.

So, are you ready to lift your beer glasses? Go ahead, but don’t forget that everything is good in moderation, and any excessive alcohol consumption not only takes away all the benefits of the beer, but makes harm. And don’t forget to cheer Australian beer scientists – Dr. Ben Desbrow and his team for giving every lover of a drink a hope – nice evening without a hangover.

By: Alsu Salakhutdinov

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