Jack White Profane Emails to Wife Earn Restraining Order

Jack White Profane Emails to Wife Earn Restraining Order

Jack White’s estranged wife, British model and singer Karen Elson, has filed a temporary restraining order against him, citing his violent temper and profane emails as being frightening.

34 year-old Elson married White in 2005 and they have two children. Divorce paperwork alleges that the 38 year-old American musician, singer/songwriter and record producer has given her cause to fear for her own safely.

Karen has said that White has been threatening her and she also feels that her children’s safety is in question. The couple separated in 2011 and Elson petitioned for a divorce in 2012. On July 17, she also petitioned the court for a restraining order. A judge approved it pending a court hearing on August 29.

In her application for the restraining order, Elson said that her estranged husband has a violent temper and that he sends her emails containing profanity and calls her names of a derogatory nature.

It has been alleged that the couple have been arguing about the custody of their two children. Elson is currently the custodian of the two children, but White is said to be pushing for more involvement with the them. Presumably, Elson isn’t too keen on White’s influencing the five and seven year-old.

White has allegedly rejected any attempts at family counselling and he’s been attempting to push Karen into what he wants in the divorce settlement. In one email that he reportedly sent his estranged wife he says, “I’m not extending this anymore. And we’re not getting lawyers involved to rip me off.”

Another email Jack White sent to his estranged wife remonstrates her for associating with rival musicians and TMZ have gotten hold of these emails and shared the contents. Karen has stated that his profane emailing is a form of “harassment.”

Elson says that as a result of this harassment she is concerned about her and the children’s safety. The court obviously agreed as they granted the restraining order. In yet another quoted email in the restraining order, White rants about the fact that his children are attending the same school as Dan Auerbach’s children.

In the email White says, “My concern with Auerbach is because I don’t want the kids involved in any of that crap. You aren’t thinking ahead. That’s a possible twelve f***ing years I’m going to have to be sitting in kids chairs next to that a**hole with other people trying to lump us in together. He gets yet another free reign to follow me around and copy me and push himself into my world.”

Apparently, White has had a grievance against The Black Keys frontman for a while. In a 2010 interview with Rolling Stone magazine’s Brian Hiatt, White said of Auerbach that, “I’m a lot more to do with Jay Z than the Black Keys.

White is also alleged to have stopped The Black Keys from going into his Nashville music studios.

Auerbach has denied White’s accusations of copying his style. In a 2012 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Auerbach claimed that he’d never heard The White Stripes prior to the release of The Black Keys’ debut album in 2002.

But White’s issues with other musicians aren’t what earned him the restraining order. His profane emails and threats to his estranged wife accomplished that.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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