Kanye West Showing Off His Nuclear Family on Kris

Kanye West Showing Off His Nuclear Family

Kanye West Showing Off His Nuclear Family

While some witty folks on Facebook and Twitter are making bets that the first words that little baby North learns are, “No don’t talk, just don’t talk,” there is no denying that Kanye West is proud of his little girl. On his future mother-in-law’s talk show, Kris, Kanye was showing off his nuclear family with a picture of his baby and Kim.

Considering that the face Kanye usually shows the world is not a very pleasant one, he was almost “Tom Cruise” dopey on Kris Jenner’s show on Friday August 23. West revealed a side to his personality that few have ever seen. His declaration of love for Kim Kardashian and their new baby even prompted Perez Hilton to call Kanye “mushy!”

Not to detract from any of the multiple things that Yeezus opened up on, but the fact is, Kris will be his mother-in-law and he would be crazy to not show that he might just have a good side. Although Jenner did point out during her time talking to the singer that, at home – Kanye, Kim, and baby North live with Jenner – he is very different.

The 36 year-old rapper talked about his devotion to Kim. He said, “That I could have people saying, ‘You know, this is going to damage your cred as an artist or as a designer.’ And I say, ‘I don’t care, I love this woman. And [Kim’s] my joy and she brought my new joy into the world. And there’s no paparazzi and there’s no blog comment; there’s nothing that’s going to take that joy from me.”

With all this “newfound” gentleness that has Kanye West showing off his little nuclear family like any proud new papa, his appearance on Sunday’s live VMA award show may just be a little different from shows in the past.

It may turn out that Taylor Swift will not need to keep a death grip on any awards, or her microphone, this year.

West now says he is a family man. And his appearance on Kris Jenner’s talk show gave him a chance to do a little damage control on his, somewhat, stormy countenance. He had a lot of help from Kris in that area. She said several times that the Kanye she sees at home is not the unpleasant chap seen by the media.

The performer said that the birth of baby North has made him change. He said, “To me it’s such a blessing, and I feel like it’s going to give me the stability that I need to really create and really do God’s work in the way I should.”

Whether it was a nod to his Yeezus album or Kanye has really turned over a new leaf, he had on a “What would Jesus do?” bracelet. And as a part of the “new” Kanye, he told Kris that he wanted to be remembered as someone who brought joy or who helped people. He claims his outlook was changed when he became responsible for someone.

He also told Jenner that, “The thing I think about as a dad is just protection. That’s my only goal, to Kanye said his goal is “to protect my daughter. That’s my instinct.”

Baby North Twitter Picture
Baby North Twitter Picture

Kris was like every proud grandmother in the world as she cooed over the picture of baby North and pointed out which parts of the baby resembled which parent. She also backed up Kanye’s assertions of how much he loved Kris’ daughter Kim Kardashian.

It was amazing to see the man whom paparazzi dread, gushing about his nuclear family and showing off to his soon-to-be mother-in-law  as the  “new” Kanye West. He says that being associated with the Kardashian clan has made him a better person. Presumably that means that at this year’s VMA event he won’t be quite so aggressive, or verbal, when other folks are winning awards.

By Michael Smith
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