Kanye West Too Busy for Kim but Not Kris

Kanye West too Busy for Kim but Not for Kris

Kanye West too Busy for Kim but Not for Kris

Considering that Kanye West took time to spend an hour on the final episode of soon-to-be mother-in-law Kris Jenner’s talk show, it comes as a bit of a surprise to hear that the Yeezus singer is too busy for the loves of his life Kim and baby North. But not, apparently, for Kris.

We don’t want to engage in finger pointing, but the fact is that West was doing some major “sucking up” to his future in-law on her show. This seems to indicate that he truly knows which side of his bread to butter.

Kris did her own share of “buttering up” as well. Gushing that the world just never sees the side of Kanye that she does. Presumably he really is a family man who wants to bring joy to the world and be the kind of father that his daughter can love and respect.

And we believe her, mind you, we also believe that if you touch a frog you will get warts.

Since Kanye, Kim and baby North all live with Kris, she does get to see a side that others do not. Especially the paparazzi. We think that the real reason that we don’t see baby North hanging with mommy and daddy in public must be so that she doesn’t learn any bad habits from “Dada.” The joke on Facebook and Twitter has been that North’s first words will be, “Don’t talk. Just don’t talk!”

But it is not all happiness and light in the Jenner casa, according to an article on OMG! Kim has been crying on Beyonce’s shoulder because now that Kanye has started working again, he is too busy for her and baby North, just not for Kris Jenner who he obviously wants to continually impress.

The article claims that Kim has been turning to another celebrity mother to get advice as she struggle with the day to day role of being a mom. Kim has said publicly that she is enjoying her new role as a “stay-at-home” mother. It seems though, that she might find being out of the limelight a little hard to deal with. So she’s turned to Beyonce for advice.

Beyonce had her own daughter, Blue Ivy, and it is being said that her sage advice has been a source of reassurance to Kim Kardashian who reportedly feels a bit deserted by Kanye now that he’s started working again.

A source close to the Kardashian clan spoke to the UK magazine Star and said, “Bey and hubby Jay-Z went to see Kim while Kanye was away to see how she was coping. Bey saw how fragile Kim has become. Her spark and feistiness wasn’t there, and she poured her heart out about the things that were troubling her.”

Kanye and his little nuclear “fam” are all residing with Grandma Kris, as was pointed out on her talk show, and despite this “closeness” it is apparently Beyonce that Kim turns to when she needs help. She feels that the singer really understands what she is going through.

The source added, “Although Kim has her family [have] some very close friends as a support network, it took a comparative outsider like Bey to see that she was going through a sort of crisis. Kim keeps stuff bottled up, but in Beyoncé she’s discovered she has a pal she can talk to quite openly – and she’s finding their sessions cathartic.”

It must be a comfort for Kim to know that as Kanye West is too busy for her and baby North she has a friend like Beyonce she can turn to. And if she starts missing Kanye too much, she can also get her mother Kris to have a word, since the Yeezus singer isn’t too busy for her.

Michael Smith
United Kingdom