Katy Perry, She is Katy Perry Hear Her Roar

She is Katy Perry Hear Her Roar

Katy Perry’s newest song Roar, with its impressive first week sales, is like the first lyric in the old 1971 Helen Reddy song, I am Woman. “I am woman hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore.” You could change the line to, “She is Katy Perry, hear her “Roar” with numbers too big to ignore.” Numbers like 557,000 downloads in the first week of the song’s release.

This is an all-time personal and career best for the 28 year-old singer. The last time she had almost as many downloads was in December 2010 with her song Firework that sold 509,000 copies. Considering that the hackers leaked her latest song early, her huge download figures are proof positive that she is the leader of the pack at the moment.

So far, her digital download sales figures are roaring past Lady Gaga. In fact, Nielson SoundScan have confirmed that her single’s first week opening has topped the digital song chart and it has set the benchmark as the highest sales week of the year.

Billboard says that as it stands now, the download figures has exceeded expectations and is the sixth largest sales week in history. The only download figures that beat Roar are, Flo Rida’s 2009 Right Round at 636,000; Ke$ha’s 2009 TiK ToK with 610,000; Bruno Mars’ 2010 Grenade with 559,000; and Taylor Swift’s 2012 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together with 623,000 and I Knew You Were Trouble with 582,000 in the same year.

Considering all the mutual “backslapping” that went on between Katy “She is Katy Perry Hear Her Roar” Perry and Lady Gaga when Perry’s song was hacked at about the same time as Gaga’s Applause, Mother Monster must be a little disappointed in her little monsters in the music purchasing department.

Lady Gaga came in at third with only 218,000 downloads for her opening week. But since the 27 year-old eccentric performer is opening the 2013 Video Music Awards, her sales will probably spike soon after.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry is so pleased with her fans for showing such huge support for her latest single, she is giving them the chance to vote on the next single to be released from her new album. She has partnered with Pepsi and MTV to release some sneaky peeps at her Prism lyrics and song titles. She is using the social network Twitter to reach her fans and to count their votes.

According to Perez Hilton, the quicker the fans tweet out their favourite choice with the hastag #KATYNOW the quicker we will all benefit and get to hear a new single…or two. Hilton revealed that two song titles, aka track names, have been revealed already. They are, Dark Horse & Walking On Air!

Katy Perry, “she is Katy Perry hear her Roar with 557,000 numbers too big to ignore” should, in our humble opinion, make the next song released from Prism be Walking On Air. She most certainly must feel like she is walking on air already. If you take into account her phenomenal first weeks downloads of her newest single, which is a career best, and add the recent developments between her and John Mayer, they may both feel like walking on air.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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