Kylie Jenner from My Sweet Sixteen to My Sweet Car Crash

 Kylie Jenner

It seems like only two weeks ago that we wrote about Kylie Jenner’s star studded sweet sixteen birthday party. In reality, it was on August 17 this year that Kylie celebrated her birthday party with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Now, just eight days later, it is no longer “my Super Sweet Sixteen,” but My Sweet Car Crash.”

Sounds like a perfect follow up to the MTV show. While her birthday party was only twelve days ago, she reportedly got her license a bit earlier than that, 18 days earlier on her actual birthday of August 7.

The car that sweet 16 year-old Kylie was driving was the $125,000 Mercedes SUV. The car was her’s in June, before she was old enough to drive it. She first got behind the wheel of the car at her star studded birthday party on August 17.

Kylie was driving her SUV around the chic neighborhood of Calabasas, California – perhaps keeping an eye out for boy racer Justin Bieber – when she rammed her new car into the back of a Toyota. But that’s not all, the Toyota then shot forward and popped into the back of a Subaru SUV.

A real multi SUV crackup! Luckily no one was hurt and since this was the gated community of Calabasas, the suburban neigborhood of the rich and well known, not to mention former NFL players, everyone was most civilised about the entire incident.

A witness told TMZ that Kylie shot out of her care to apologise and to see if anyone had been injured. After a very polite interchange, they all exchanged insurance papers with one another and young Miss Jenner went on her civilised way.

By the time the local Lost Hills sheriff’s deputies arrived Kylie had split and her “new-found” friends had a chat with the law enforcement officials. According to TMZ, Kylie’s new set of wheels had very little in the way of damage and the Toyota had a crumpled rear end.

So going from her super sweet sixteen to her first car crash may not have warranted a party, but at least she made some new friends. Although none of them were the local law enforcement officials who arrived on the scene after the accident.

The Lost Hills Sheriff’s department, confirmed to E! News that there had been an accident call at Calabasas yesterday. They also confirmed that there was no illegal activity involved with the accident and that no one was injured. They also confirmed that one person had already left the scene when they arrived. Just another day in Calabasas.

Apparently motor vehicle problems run in the Jenner family. Kylie isn’t the only Jenner offspring to have had a little car trouble. Last year, sister Kendall Jenner was accused of texting while driving on a busy Los Angeles freeway. RadarOnline spoke to a witness who said they saw the model’s $90,000 Range Rover swerve into another lane while she concentrated on texting with her cell phone. Kendall was, like Kylie, only 16 years-old as the incident took place in October, the month before her birthday.

Apparently Kylie is a bit upset about her first car crash. She got onto Twitter afterwards and tweeted: “What do I have to do to not get bothered by something for one day.” It seems like there is a fairly easy answer to that question. “Pay attention to the cars in front of you, Kylie!”

Later she was still a bit down after her first fender bender and she tweeted a follow-up: “I still shed a tear every once in a while.”

Earlier this month, Kourtney Kardashian, big hearted sister that she is, took a picture of Kylie behind the wheel of her new SUV. Kourtney posted the picture on Twitter with the caption: “Look out world! @kyliejenner is a licensed driver!”

Look out indeed!

So Kylie Jenner has gone from having her own star studded “My Super Sweet Sixteen” to “My First Car Crash” all in under a month. That is quite a record Kylie!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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