Lab Burger Petri-Dish Patty and Stem Cell Research

Lab Burger, Petri-Dish Patty, And Stem Cell Resurch
Is the creation of the Lab burger a new way of life? Well it is certainly a opportunity. Test tube hamburgers, more like petri-dish burgers, have now become a fact and no longer just a comic book read about a mad scientist, or a lucrative philanthropist investing in research and development. A real way to satisfy the world’s cravings for meat can now be produced inside a lab. No need for the massive farm land that it now so carnivorously calls for.  So here we begin the story of the lab burger-petri-dish patty and stem cell research.

The way it works is like this: Stem cells, from a organic cow’s shoulder were taken and cultured into muscle fibers. By being bathed in a nutrient-rich solution in the petri dish, the cells were able to form the small strands of muscle fibers that were used for the creation of this “lab burger.”

Differences in stem-cell research

Now in today’s world it seems saying the words ‘stem cell’ with the word ‘research’ is a hard three word sentence to swallow. It is crucial to realize the difference between stem cell research, embryonic cell research and even human stem cell research as all very extraordinarily different topics. Considering the morals held by some people into the conversation, stem cell research done on a cow should have less criticisms if any, compared to the controversy over human embryonic stem cell research- which by the way has the ability to cover a wider range of cures and treatments for the population as well as potentially save lives. But this article is on stem cell research preformed on shoulder muscles of a organic cow, so let us continue.

Possible benefits of lab burger

The root of concern that led to the creation of this so called “lab burger” was that of feeding the poor and lessening the impact of hamburger farming on the plant. What ever the case may be, this technology may very well have the power to transform the world- for better or worse.

It is important to amplify the needs that will be served, as well as -maybe even more important- the sources that will be providing relief for those needs and what benefits those sources are reaping. Will the perks fall under the category of capital gain for the future? Or will the benefits fill the need of understanding balance in the natural world, the human race, and the respectful use of science?

With that being said, maybe the opportunity of the lab burger will enable farmers to focus on cultivating their lands with more vegetables and organic grass-fed milking cows.  Perhaps this scientific advancement would allow farmers to cut down on the expense for purchasing grains which are not always natural for the cows to consume, nor highly valued in taste when consumed by people.

Maybe this is the technology that is needed to get our attention and creatively motivate the minds of the world to be adventurous, and to continuously think ‘outside the box.’ If not to lessen the impact on the world or help the poor and hungry, maybe this technology is what the space program needs to get back in the forefront of the nation’s eyes- a destination stop on the highway of  intergalactic galaxies.  “Hey kids, who wants a Lab Burger with a side of astronaut ice cream? Would you like a U.F.O. toy with your meal?” Maybe this is the technology that will give the needed energy to help enlighten us on what else is out there and the opportunities that are in store for our world?

Effects of the petri-dish patty

Not yet knowing the consumer effects of the “Lab burger” and not likely until the estimated 20 year mark till it will be available in stores and at the drive through window, there are numerous inevitable questions to be concerned about. Will our human bodies be happy with the nutritional value that this lab grown burger intends to provide us with? Will our bodies adequately processes it? Will it be good for us? And will all our minds grasp the new reality of it?

Local agricultural development, which is small and kept community to community, will likely continue to be very important  in feeding the mouths of the masses. It will be wise to consider the local farmer as a priority. There will always be circumstances of effect: in the case of a lab becoming contaminated or damaged by a natural disaster or worse, a destructive attack by outside sources.  If something like this occurs it would not be in our best interest to have all our eggs in one basket. Local small farmers are important, and should have the respect of the people as holding the pure intention of our healthy survival.

Developments in technology, at times, have a very steep price tag attached.  Will the invention of the lab burger petri-dish patty created through stem cell research be one of these?  We have yet to find out.  If allowed to continue and used with wisdom, technology may gracefully stumble upon solutions which facilitate peace reaching world wide, in various forms, to fit our radically varied situations and lives.

Written By: Victoria E.R.DeRosa