Lady Gaga Naked in Creepy Kickstarter Video (Video)

Lady Gaga Naked in Creepy Kickstarter Video

You’ve got to give Lady Gaga credit, she really knows how to shock and surprise her fans. She’s just done a creepy Kickstarter video for the Marina Abramovic Institute, naked. That’s right, Gaga in the altogether with only her tattoos between her and the camera. And a few other things like a giant crystal. We included the censored video below.

The 27 year-old pop sensation shows that she has nothing to be ashamed of in the body image department, but in the uncensored version you can see that she’s scorned going Brazilian “down-there” and gone for the “all clear” Hollywood look, if you get what we mean. She’s going through her “a” note in the video and overall the effect is…disturbing.

We love Lady Gaga here at the Guardian Express, but, this video is downright creepy and unsettling. The atmosphere it gives off is reminiscent of the Japanese horror film Ringu (The Ring). All that is missing is a dead girl crawling out of a disused and crumbling well.

And a creepy phone-call telling you that in a week you’ll be dead.

Seriously, this is one weird and disturbing video. It includes Lady Gaga working that “a” note and posing in various ways, as well as a blindfolded naked walk through a field. She poses behind and on a giant crystal; stands in a stream with yellow horns on her head; while the rain patters down around her and collects a tree limb in the woods. All to the accompaniment of that long note.

We’re not sure if Lady Gaga posing naked in the creepy Kickstarter video is going to be an effective advertisement for the institute, but we do have to say, she sure can hold a note.

Apparently the video was made last week and the “about” section says, “Last week at a three-day retreat in upstate New York, Marina instructed Lady Gaga in the Abramovic Method — a series of exercises designed to heighten participants’ awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment.”

The video and its informative blurb, are part of a Kickstarter promotion for the institute. It doesn’t seem like a really great product to induce punters to pay up for the campaign. This journalist was entirely creeped out by the whole thing and even finding an uncensored version of the video didn’t help. It is just as creepy if not more so.

You can find uncensored versions of the video on YouTube, but be advised, if you don’t want to sleep with the light on tonight, avoid watching it. We only include the censored version as it is marginally less disturbing.

We also suggest that you watch it only the once.

We watched it several times and like the video in the J-horror film, we expected to see a naked Lady Gaga come towards the laptop screen and crawl out of the creepy Kickstarter video to the ever increasing sound of background noise and that incessant “a” note that runs through the entirety of the video. You have been warned. Be prepared to be creeped out as you watch the censored video.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom