Lindsay Lohan Should Stop Promising Comebacks


Lindsay Lohan has been known for years as a very troubled young star. No doubt her aired public family difficulties and personal woes have played a role in her struggles and overall image in the entertainment industry. With every new promise of a career comeback comes another rehab setback. The star has struggled to prove she has what it takes. But maybe that’s where the problems lies in itself: Lindsay Lohan should just stop promising comebacks.

Having started out as an actress during childhood, Lindsay was able to find success very early on in her youth. Filming and banking on incredibly successful films such as 2004’s, “Mean Girls” was a sure fire hit for the star. But attention followed Lindsay down a path of chaos as the actress stumbled through her twenties participating in a lot of hard partying and destructiveness.

With tabloid attention rampant, Lindsay scrambled to prove herself to the masses that she still had what it took for a career of success. But unsurprisingly, her focus was too great on wanting to be liked, and she failed to find an authentic grasping.

As a child, Lindsay was thrown into a world where finding authenticity was nearly impossible. With the over-sexualization of young girls in the media and goals that demand frequented success and attention, Lindsay Lohan did not have the room to discover who she really was. All she knew was what people had been saying about her looks, about her weight, about her clothes, or about her sexuality. Rarely did she get to read the words about her talent, her interests or her capabilities.

Nonetheless, Lindsay has earned an array of big supporters from people such as actor Ben Affleck, who, during her court-order rehab stint, paid a visit to the actress and gave assurance that the, “entertainment community,” can be a supportive bunch for her. Also a big supporter is Oprah Winfrey, who gave her a reality show that is set to premier on the OWN Network.

As Lindsay gears herself up for more work in the film industry, like the role she landed in HBO’s Eastbound and Down, she has also launched a website to match, highlighting this very comeback.

But is that what she really needs? Why does Lindsay, her team, and the media put such an emphasis on a person’s level of worth? Shouldn’t she decide what’s important?

The actress is no doubt still healing, but relying on this comeback to instill some sense of confidence that she may be lacking is only asking for more potential pain.

Lindsay Lohan needs to stop promising comebacks and instead focus on what actually matters to her. If she still enjoys something as simple as acting in films, there shouldn’t be the pressure to be the biggest and best at it. If Lindsay decides to simply enjoy whatever it is that she enjoys doing, she may just find the support and personal success she’s looking for.

Written by Annie Elizabeth Martin

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