London Heathrow, Bomb Threat: Breast Implants

Heathrow Airport Images

London Heathrow Airport has been on a very high alert after a female, Al-Qaeda suicide bomber with breast implants, impregnated with explosive substances, had plotted to perform acts of terrorism.

A staff member has said that they had been informed to pay attention to one specific woman, that might be hiding explosives in her breasts.

Ibriham al-Asiri an Al-Qaeda chief bomb maker, has developed a method of fooling airport scanners by covering explosives in breast implants.

Andy Oppenheimer an explosives expert has said there is concern that the Al-Qaeda are planning on using internal instruments to get through the airport scanners. They might have also developed an undetectable  liquid, which could be soaked into clothing, making its detection even more elusive.

A suicide bomber that is sitting in the window seat, only needs to detonate a relatively small explosive device to blow a dangerous hole in a plane’s fuselage.

Terrorist are getting clever, but the detection methods are also getting clever. Despite implementation of the latest methods of detection, counter measures to these techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Breast implant bombs are a one-way ticket for the suicide bomber, being triggered by an individual unwilling to consider the sanctity of the life they target. Let’s hope our security measures can keep up, in this ever-changing battle.

Written By: Landi Bezuidenhout

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