Mayor Bob Filner Should Resign Say 81 Percent of People

Bob Filner

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been making a big stir in headline politics with a total of 16 sexual harassment claims to his name and a recent recall group effort working against the 70-year-old mayor. Now a new poll claims that 81 percent of people think mayor Bob Filner should resign.

Local groups in San Diego are hoping to gather enough signatures to qualify for a ballot permitted by the law to get Bob Filner out of office. Spokesmen for the mayor have thus remained silent regarding whether Filner will return to his job in the coming week. City officials, meanwhile, are working out options to take the mayor out of office.

One of these options include the seeking of a restraining order, blocking him from entering the San Diego City Hall due to the controversy.

In July, three of Filner’s long-time supporters called for Filner’s resignation based on numerous allegations of sexual harassment claims involving women staff members. Having issued a statement apologizing for his behavior, Filner said he would not resign because his actions did not match the level of sexual harassment. Filner’s chief of staff, Vince Hall, announced his resignation following the controversy. Tony Buckles, who replaced Hall, also resigned after only 10 days on the job and was replaced by female chief of staff, Lee Burdick.

The same three former supporters of Filner held a following press conference with accounts of even more women coming forward with, “inappropriate comments, kissing and groping,” claims.

Donna Frye, a former supporter was quoted as saying Filner was, “tragically unsafe for any woman to be around.”

In early August, Filner had entered an intensive therapy program whilst taking himself out from the spotlight after major senators and representatives such as Dianne Feinstein, Susan Davis and Toni Atkins stated their disapproval, following a poll of 81 percent of people agreeing mayor Bob Filner should resign. Though the politician has completed his counseling, 16 women in total have come forward with continued sexual harassment claims and several lawsuits against the mayor. Amongst the victims were female members of the U.S. armed forces who had been raped during service.

The latest of these claims came from 67-year-old Peggy Shannon who released statements saying that, despite the accusations having gone public, the mayor continued his antics by grabbing and kissing her.

Filner’s attorney, Harvey Berger, is blaming the city council for having never providing his client with sexual harassment training saying they city, “[failed] to prevent harassment.” And while he had not taken his training, Filner who won his position for mayor during the 2012 elections, the assessment material was available for him to do so at any time.

Following the controversy, Jan Goldsmith (a possible replacement of Filner with a 38 percent approval rating), was noted asking the City Council to remove Filner after records of having misused public money for personal expenses had been exposed, also including separate financial investigations of further mistreatment in within his work.

As possible punishment for Filner comes into focus, 81 percent of people agree, mayor Bob Filner should resign.

Written by Annie Elizabeth Martin

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