Miley Cyrus Murdered Hannah Montana on the VMAs [Video]

Managing Change and Navigating Transition

Managing Change While Navigating Transition

Miley Cyrus has successfully killed Hannah Montana while becoming the talk of the VMAs. From sticking her tongue out and stripping down to a nude bikini to the stunt with Robin Thicke, Cyrus stole the show. Miley Cyrus has transformed from the sweet little child star into a sort of wild-child, twerking sensation. Seems she’s twerked her way onto the VMA stage but out of many viewers’ hearts.

According to Cyrus, “People just evolve” and that what she said she’s doing. She’s no longer a little “Disney” girl but a young woman. She’s learning and coming into her own. Miley Cyrus is changing and people have a problem with change.

People do change; they grow up and even out. Whenever people are transitioning from one stage of life to another they need time to re-evaluate their posture. They have to re-examine their stance and recommit their strengths. The issue that child stars, like Miley Cyrus, have is they have to transition in public while many of the onlookers have the pleasure of doing it in private.

Rarely does private and public mix well. Even in the day of reality television where the cameras follow people into their private domains; the results are not generally positive. This is a day where people feel they have a right to know the intimate details of a celebrity’s life. Yes, celebs should carry themselves in a positive manner as should the rest of the world. People need to understand that every detail of their lives isn’t going to be pretty.

Cyrus’ recent stunts don’t mean that her goals in life have changed, but perhaps her methods have. Any time people change, life feels uneasy because it’s uncharted ground. She’s going through the same process that others have, just on a different scale because she lives in a glass house.

One thing that’s certain is there’s nothing wrong with change. There’s no way for a person to grow unless they pass through change. One can only hope to be strong enough to avoid being intimidated because they’ve changed in certain areas. Change is good. When people ask what happened to cute little Hannah Montana she can simply reply, “She grew up and is still growing.”

The truth is people don’t have a choice about change; just on how they react to it. They have to decide whether change will manage them or if they will supervise the change.

  • Change is ongoing: Life evolves and in the process everything that was once familiar will change to some degree. If people don’t manage it, change can overwhelm them. Change causes anxiety, doubt, fear and lack of control. What makes all the difference is how people respond to change.
  • Change and transition are different: It is important to understand the difference between change and transition. Change happens while transition is the psychological process afterwards. The weather is slowly evolving in some areas from summer to fall. Once fall hits, some will refuse to transition and still wear summer clothes. Change is instant while transition is emotional.
  • Perception of change affects response: A person’s perception of change will impact their transition process. Generally people view change as either opportunity or loss. Change is often outside of one’s control so it works so much easier when it’s viewed as opportunity. For a smooth transition to occur it’s important for those involved to focus on their response.

Change can be an amazing experience. It’s the component that unlocks growth in people’s lives. Especially those in the entertainment industry; without it, their competition will surpass them. They can never allow themselves to become stagnant; they must always be fresh, current and relevant.

Miley Cyrus is no longer Hannah Montana; she is a young woman transitioning into adulthood. Her only problem is she’s forced to do it on a public platform while the rest of the world watches in judgment. As long as Cyrus understands that the price for stardom is judgment, she’ll be fine.

Cyrus has successfully become the talk of the VMAs and has no doubt lost some fans but as she continues to transition she will definitely gain others.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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