Mystery Woman Caught Pooping on House (Video)

Warning: Some Parts of This Video Could Be Deemed Disturbing

Man Catches Mystery Woman Pooping on His House

According to a KOAT televised news report, an Albuquerque, New Mexico resident has a mystery woman who keeps pooping, aka defecating, on the man’s house. The Nob Hill homeowner says that he’s caught the woman several times on his home security camera using the side of his house as an outdoor toilet. We’ve included the security footage below.

The homeowner, who does not want to be identified and said to refer to him as Bobby, talked to reporters from the local Albuquerque news station and said that at first, he thought is was a “one time accident” or that the woman was a homeless person. But as the female jogger continued to use his house as a “public convenience” he began to feel victimised.

So when “Bobby” caught the young jogger on film repeatedly “pooping” on his house, he turned the security tape over to the local news station to see if the jogger would see the news story and stop.

The first time that the young mystery woman stopped to “have a poop” on his house was early Easter Sunday. The security camera catches the offender darting up an alley that runs past the man’s home. Bobby says that, “She just runs up the alley, drops down her shorts and just lets go. She then pulls up her shorts without wiping or nothing else.”

“Bobby” did not want his face on camera, or his name used in the news report. But talking to the reporter He claims that, “This is malicious fecal distribution.” The man also said that she’s been back multiple times. At least four, according to KOAT.

The homeowner said he did not know who the young mystery woman was that he caught on his home’s security camera or why she suddenly started pooping on the side of his house. He added that she always strikes on the weekend and usually early in the morning when there are few people out and about in the neighbourhood.

He caught the woman on security camera yet again on last Saturday. He says, “I saw this little blonde girl running down the street and I was, like, ‘Oh my God, that’s gotta be her.'” Uncertain if this was the same woman or not, “Bobby” left his house to run some errands. Upon his return, he found that the runner had left evidence of her visit.

“Bobby” says this is “calculated look, look, look, I’m dropping my pants as I’m running.” It seems that he feels that this is an attack against his property. He stated that he hopes the local KOAT news story gets the young female jogger to stop.

But he doesn’t want to get the mystery woman arrested for pooping on his house. Even though he has footage of her “caught in the act.” He did say, “If it happens again, I’m going to run out there with a hose and hose her down and say, ‘Bad human!'” “Bobby” also said that he did not think the police would take the complaint seriously. But KOAT found out that police could actually arrest the culprit on a misdemeanor charge. You can see the security footage below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom