N Sync Reunites on Twitter Will They Do the Same on MTV VMA?

N Sync Reunite on Twitter Will They Do the Same on VMA

A single tweet from a new account has NSync fans all “a-Twitter” after the guys debuted on the social networking site. With their apparent reuniting to set up their official Twitter account, the world is waiting to see if they will do the same on the MTV VMA tonight.

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The above tweet seems proof positive that all the guys will indeed be at the award ceremony to support their buddy Justin Timberlake who is to receive the Michael Jackson Award. Since their new Twitter account only has the one tweet and if you take into consideration the timing of the account’s creation it certainly seems to point to a reunion.

While the guys may not actually reunite, there is a good chance that they’ll at least perform a few songs for old time sake. If they do, it may just be the best MTV VMA ever. Their one tweet has been retweeted over 39,000 times, as well as getting favorited another 18,289.

Incredibly, when the tweet was posted just one day before the MTV event, it had over 7,300 retweets in the first hour it was up.

Lance Bass, tweeted a bit later:

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Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, J.C. Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick disbanded N Sync in 2002. But the week approaching the MTV Video Music Awards has been awash with rumours of the guys reuniting for the event.

Lance Bass spoke about the rumors on his SiriusXm show, Dirty Pop with Lance Bass. He explained that just because fans had seen the crew assembled at a New York City nightclub didn’t mean that there would be a reunion.

Us Weekly Entertainment Director Ian Drew has gone on record as stating that the reunion is more than a rumour. He says it is going to happen. Speaking to host Ryan Seacrest on the On Air program, Drew said, “It is in the works right now.”

But Ian did say that it could all come apart “on the night.” He said that the planned performance “could fall apart at any minute.” But the game plan, according to Drew, is for the N Sync crew to join Justin during his performance on stage.

Justin Timberlake looks as though he will be the dominating factor during tonight’s award show. Since it is a “done deal” that he will be receiving one of the highest honors that the MTV VMA can bestow on an artist. The MIchael Jackson Video Vanguard Award already has Justin’s name on it and he is up for six awards altogether.

But despite Timberland fans excitement over his nominations, the N Sync fans are practically besides themselves with anticipation over the idea that he and his old crew will team up. MTV have not confirmed or denied the rumor of the guys having an onstage reunion. But just the thought of it happening has pretty much overtaken the entire awards show before it has even started.

Still, the N Sync Twitter account that reunited the guys on Twitter certainly seems to point to a reunion on the MTV VMA show tonight. Fans will no doubt keep their eyes peeled everytime Justin takes the stage!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom